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Wavesat Announces Immediate Availability of Tri-band LTE Ref Design for Handsets and Related Devices

by david.nunes

San Mateo, CA – August 02, 2010Wavesat Inc., a leading supplier of Broadband Wireless semiconductor solutions, today announced immediate availability of a tri-band LTE reference design that manufacturers can use in the development of handset devices, USB dongles and consumer premises equipment.  The reference design, based on the Odyssey 9000 platform, supports three frequencies to assist in the rollout of LTE services.

Wavesat’s award winning multi-protocol architecture allows the Odyssey series of chipsets to support multiple 4G technologies, including LTE and WiMAX, on the same silicon.  One of the first LTE chipsets to feature CAT-3 performance (100 Mb/s downlink, 50 Mb/s uplink) for mobile devices including USB dongles, data cards, mobile handsets and MIDs, the Odyssey is a highly integrated SOC with industry leading performance and low power consumption that also features a highly flexible and programmable architecture capable of easy adaptation to LTE’s evolving requirements.

The Odyssey 9000 presents an innovative approach to 4G solutions. It supports both FDD and TDD duplex schemes and comes complete with an LTE protocol stack including MAC, RLC, PDCP, RRC and NAS layers, as well as reference design kits for manufacturing dongles and CPE.

“Our customer engagements and multiple trial activities around the world have clearly highlighted the critical requirement for a flexible product of this nature,” said Raj Singh, President and CEO of Wavesat.  “As a result, we see an exceptional market opportunity for this product, one that will assist us greatly in our ongoing LTE projects with our customers and ODM partners.”

LTE has over a dozen or so unique radio frequency bands spread around the world and Wavesat’s Tri-Band LTE reference design offering is yet another step in delivering on cost effective time to market solutions in the 4G arena.

“Commercial availability of LTE services is quickly approaching and this announcement is further evidence that the semiconductor community is moving quickly to insure our partners and consumers will have the 4G devices necessary to access those networks,” said Anil Barot, Vice President of Business Development & Marketing of Wavesat.  “Wavesat’s Odyssey architecture has evolved over the months to quickly to meet changing market conditions, which, as a result, helps better position the company to take advantage of the growing LTE opportunity.”

The Odyssey 9000 family of chipsets incorporates a unique hybrid architecture with a combination of highly efficient DSPs and hardware acceleration blocks, easily scaling to support CAT-4 (150 Mb/s downlink) devices.  The ongoing development and global commercialization of the Odyssey 9010 product signals Wavesat’s commitment to creating a entirely new level of integrated 4G devices.

Mr. Singh is appearing at the LTE Focus conference in Amsterdam on September 9, 2010 (www.ltefocus.com).  Please contact LouVan Communications (see below) to schedule a meeting.

About Wavesat

Wavesat has achieved a leadership position in mobile broadband by providing advanced semiconductor solutions to the world’s leading 4G carriers and mobile device manufacturers, so that they may deploy “future-proof” broadband services and products.  With award winning “multi-protocol” technology, Wavesat delivers silicon that enables customers to deploy multiple broadband wireless technologies such as LTE, WiMAX and XGP.  Wavesat currently is engaged with infrastructure vendors to provide end-to-end LTE solutions and actively cooperating with network operators in LTE trials.  Wavesat was recognized as one of Canada’s Top Ten Technology companies for 2009.  For more information, please visit www.wavesat.com.

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