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Wavetek Wandel Goltermann: Together Meeting the Challenges of Tomorrows Communications

by david.nunes
Martin LenkIssue:Asia-Pacific I 1999
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Topic:Wavetek Wandel Goltermann: Together Meeting the Challenges of Tomorrows Communications
Author:Martin Lenk
Title:Director Sales Marketing Communications
Organisation:Wavetek Wandel Goltermann
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The merger between Wandel & Goltermann and Wavetek took place 30th September 1998 and combined Wandel & Goltermanns leading position in the field of datacoms and telecoms test equipment with Waveteks strength in test solutions for Cable TV and mobile communications systems. Together, the new company can now offer, to its customers around the globe one of the most complete portfolios of test and measurement solutions from a single source. At present, WWGs market-oriented test solutions cover all areas of voice, video and data communications.

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Being one of the largest companies in the area of communications test technology, WWG intentions for the future is to concentrate fully on becoming the preferred supplier of communications test solutions for the global telecommunications industry. Wavetek Wandel Goltermanns consistent efforts in the area of customers service has resulted in an ongoing expansion of their global market access. The combination of a worldwide presence in the form of regionally-managed sales companies and distributors, and their multinational network of development and production divisions remains the key to best serving the various needs of the international customer base under consideration of geographical and cultural aspects. Upon the completion of the merger , Wavetek Wandel Goltermann has chosen a new Corporate Design. The new company logo represents a wave as a symbol of a dynamic and forward moving company. The mark can also be read as a C like in Communications, and it can also be interpreted as different arms (divisions) forming one strong powerful output. Committed to Asia-Pacific Now, developing from its Asia/Pacific base in Melbourne/Australia, Wavetek Wandel Goltermann are currently engaged in an aggressive marketing thrust into the Asian region, bringing their expertise to the worlds most dynamic market. In under two years, the company has opened offices in China, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, and Taiwan to complement others already established in Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong. We are absolutely committed to the region, says Stan Condy, Wavetek Wandel Goltermanns regional director for the Asia/Pacific. It is not just a question of marketing. We are investing in support and training and product development in the region. We are here to stay. Wavetek Wandel Goltermann is one of the market leaders in Europe and Latin America for electronic test and measurement solutions, which demonstartes the quality of its technology, but, as Stan Condy points out, Europe is a mature market. Right here in the Asia/Pacific is the fastest growing market in the world. We regard it, quite simply, as the future. WWG designs and manufactures a bewildering range of test equipment, offering products to customers in the industries of Enterprise Networks, Wireless, Multimedia and Telecom Networks. The companys prime customers are system manufacturers, telecom network operators, manufacturers and exporters of turnkey telecom systems, banks and insurance companies, Digital Broadcast and Multimedia Providers, and the information technology industry. “Todays communications equipment has to perform reliably to extraordinarily high standards, and yet the lead times for developing and installing new products are shorter than ever before,” explains Stan Condy. “There has never been a greater need for accurate and innovative methods of testing to avoid costly mistakes.” The Asia/Pacific, including countries like China which installs telecommunications networks as large as Australias every year, demonstrates the pronounced need for such services. “At WWG we have a reputation second to none for quality,” says Condy. “At the same time ? and this is less well known ? we are extremely competitive in terms of price. As our network of sales outlets extends across the Asia?Pacific we will be proving that to a whole range of new clients.” Wavetek Wandel Goltermann – Quality for the Global Market More than 75 years of innovation Wandel & Goltermann, an internationally operating manufacturer of test solutions for global communications, was founded in 1923. Wavetek, an international company, with development and marketing teams, manufacturing centres, and world-class calibration laboratories and service organisations worldwide, was founded in 1962. Looking to the future Wavetel Wandel Goltermann is continually expanding its global activities in order to strengthen its market position. The 2600 persons employed by the company worldwide, some 800 of whom are in direct contact with their customers, are engaged in development, production, sales and service. The long traditions of the two companies have resulted in a corporate culture that forms a basis for innovative thinking and dedication to the exciting tasks that the future will bring. Right now, the 10 development and production sites in Germany, France, Great Britain, Switzerland and the USA are already working on future solutions expected to meet the high future demands of the telecommunications industry. At Home Everywhere Wavetek Wandel Goltermann efficient sales and service network is designed to provide what they call high touch close proximity to their customers in every part of the world. The principle of the aforementioned is that there should always be a competent contact partner close at hand to provide assistance, whether in preparing a new measurement solution or simply to answer servicing or training questions. With Wavetek Wandel Goltermann, provide application-oriented training, thorough initiation into the use of new products and, of course, tailor?made service, maintenance and calibration concepts. Service WWG has established a close-knit world-wide service network. Their service engineers provide maintenance and calibration as well as answering to technical queries. Environmental Compatibility WWG are committed to continuous improvement of the environmental compatibility of their products and of the processes used in their manufacture.. WWGs customers are kept informed about all-important environmental aspects of the products in connection with their use and eventual disposal. ISO 9001 Wavetek Wandel Goltermann is dedicated to meeting international standards and attention to quality has been rewarded with official recognition in the certification of the company. CE Mark WWG products carry the CE mark, which indicates that they meet the stringent EMC regulations of European standards. Customers everywhere can thus rest assured that their measurement results will not be affected or corrupted by interference fields from the measuring instrument or which influence the test set-up. Competence Wavetek Wandel Goltermann concentrates exclusively on the growing demands of the telecommunications market. The aim is to keep pace with or even outstrip the rapid innovation cycles inherent in this field. The future of communications test technology has already arrived at Wavetek Wandel Goltermann.

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