WebID enhances AML-regulation compliant on-line identification with additional interfaces for credit granting processes


Berlin, April 7th, 2014 WebID Solutions GmbH, a leading provider of on-line identification services, is enhancing the interfaces of “WebID Identify Personal” and “WebID Identify Business” product lines.  Special credit granting-related requirements of the financial services industry can now be fulfilled. By doing so, the company is completing its service offering surrounding on-line identification while yet again pushing security standards to new, industry-leading levels.

“We are delighted to have been part of this development together with our clients who can now use these extensions seamlessly with their existing credit granting processes”, says Frank S. Jorga, Head of Legal & Compliance, WebID Solutions GmbH.

Within the German regulatory framework, the identification of a borrower or contractual partner is regulated by Section 3 (1) no. 1 in conjunction with Section 4 (1), (3) no. 1 and (4) no. 1 of GwG (German anti-money-laundering legislation). All parts of WebID’s identification process are fully compliant with these regulatory requirements. Compliance has been confirmed in writing by all relevant regulatory bodies.

“With our new set of extensions, WebID is uniquely positioned to help our clients with all identification requirements at any stage of the credit granting process”, adds Franz Thomas Fuerst, Managing Director.

These interface extensions have been available since March 2014 and can be implemented for financial services institutions with minimal effort.


About WebID Solutions GmbH:

WebID is a leading provider for fully compliant identification products and services and is a global pioneer in the segment of AML-compliant face2face on-line identification. Since 2012, special solutions ranging from age verification to on-line contracting have been offered to e-commerce oriented industries. In early 2014, full AML-compliance was confirmed in writing by all relevant regulatory and government bodies in the Federal Republic of Germany. All product lines are designed for global deployment. Core hallmarks are high-security interfaces that are easy and efficient to implement and full compliance with local regulatory requirements. Among its fast-growing client base, WebID is pleased to welcome leading global lending institutions, credit card issuers, payment providers and the most innovative players of many other relevant industries. WebID products and services are used for the fully compliant identification of natural persons and legal entities to increase the security of on-line transactions world wide.