WeDo Technologies’ RAID achieves second TM Forum certification

Business Assurance product now certified against Frameworx 11.5

Lisbon/London, 19th July 2012 – WeDo Technologies, a leader in revenue and business assurance solutions, today announced that its RAID 6.3 Business Assurance software has received TM Forum’s Frameworx 11.5 Product Conformance Mark against TM Forum’s Business Process Framework 9.0 and Information Framework 9.5. RAID received the highest possible conformance scores and was determined to be fully compliant with the rigorous Frameworx requirements in the areas assessed.

Through a process of continuous improvement, RAID Business Assurance has adopted TM Forum’s most accepted and applicable standards, including Business Process (eTOM) and Information (SID) Frameworks, to help service providers overcome challenges for optimising and providing efficient service delivery.

This is not the first TM Forum product conformance achieved by RAID. The software also successfully achieved the Business Metrics Automation Certification. WeDo Technologies is currently the software supplier with the largest number of certified business metrics in TM Forum’s programme including all required and extended metrics in the following TM Forum Business Metrics groups: Revenue Assurance; Billing Calculation; Billing Inquiry, Dispute and Adjustment; Financial Systems; and Fulfilment Service Order Management.

As part of the company’s mobility strategy, WeDo Technologies has also developed an iPhone app that integrates with the TM Forum Business Metrics programme, to provide C-level and executive users with intuitive and interactive views of business data on-the-go. The iPhone app enables users to monitor dashboards, see alerts, KPIs and TM Forum metrics and compare their operational performance with industry benchmarks from the TM Forum.

This week, WeDo Technologies is participating in the TM Forum’s Team Action Week in Baltimore, Md., U.S., which defines the TM Forum’s Best Practices and Standards. Raul Azevedo, WeDo Technologies’ Director of Product Development, who was appointed Chair of the Fraud Management Group at the TM Forum in December 2011, is attending the Team Action Week together with other WeDo Technologies’ senior team members.

About WeDo Technologies

WeDo Technologies is a worldwide leader in revenue and business assurance, providing software and expert consultancy, to intelligently analyse large quantities of data from across an organisation helping to negate or minimise operational or business inefficiencies and allowing businesses to achieve significant return on investment via revenue protection and cost savings.

WeDo Technologies works with some of the world’s leading blue chip companies from the retail, energy and finance industries, as well as 140 telecommunications operators from almost 80 countries, through more than 400 highly-skilled professionals.

WeDo Technologies is owned by the largest non-financial Portuguese group – Sonae Group which has 61,000 employees in 18 countries. As well as telecommunications, the group is active in Retail, Real State, TMT, the Wood industry and other business areas. Revenue and Business Assurance, sometimes also called Profit or Revenue Protection, are the domains where WeDo Technologies – through its Software and Services – has become recognized as a constant innovator and true market leader.