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What’s ahead for broadcast networking?

by Administrator

Automated connectivity provides on-demand services without the legacy wait times and contracts. It also puts the end user in control over an experience as nimble and on-the-fly as broadcast workflows can be. Just one example of automation driven broadcasting would be any live event which incorporates immersive experiences or fan engagement of some kind. Their cloud-based, real-time rendering leaves no margin for error, as the flow of data and delivery is constant and ongoing. Generally speaking, broadcasters simply don’t have the time or resources needed to employ wholly new systems and tools, unless they can work invisibly and automatically. With NaaS, users have the ability to use API’s and access a fully on-demand portal which provisions circuits in under two minutes. With this sort of advanced networking, streaming services, distributors, and studios understand that telco’s advancement delivers their industry a path into the new digital age.

by Lisa Gerber, Director of Business Development for M&E & Chris Muro, Principal Solutions Architect, PacketFabric

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