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When the unexpected strikes: NSN has 3 new ways to keep networks running #MWC14

by david.nunes

Espoo, Finland – February 19, 2014

When the unexpected strikes: NSN has 3 new ways to keep networks running #MWC14

Virtualized OSS simplifies, automates operations to tackle unforeseen situations

Enhancements to the Nokia Solutions and Networks virtualized Operations Support System (OSS) enable operators to change large-scale network configurations in record time, and keep network operations running even if there are unexpected spikes in demand or in the unlikely event that a Network Operations Center (NOC) goes down. Operators will also now get automatic, real-time prioritization of network issues based on subscriber impact.

The industry’s first virtualized OSS, NetAct 8, now offers innovative ways for operators to maintain high network availability and secure key network operations. Faster than ever before, operators will be able to change the configuration of up to 10,000 base stations automatically in a few minutes, compared to the hundreds of hours required to do so conventionally by manual reconfiguration. This helps operators ensure continuity of communication, should an unexpected peak in demand congest a network, or severe weather or power outages threaten operational stability.

Also enabled by virtualization is the automatic activation of all NetAct applications and content in a new location, should a disastrous situation damage a Network Operations Centre (NOC). This ensures uninterrupted network and service operations without the cost to operators of building and maintaining a permanent back-up NOC.

Enhancements to NSN’s Serve atOnce Traffica product allow operators to see immediately how many subscribers are affected by a network problem and list them in order of the scale of impact. Resources can thus be efficiently focused to resolve the issue and minimize the impact. Performance Manager complements the Traffica solution with network performance trend information to understand typical capacity utilization of the area. The pre-integration of the tools is available off-the-shelf. Combining useful alarm prioritization with trending information, operators can achieve more efficient customer–centric operations.

“The functionality available through NSN’s NetAct 8 will help operators keep communications going, even in extreme situations. This is very important for operational continuity, and is a tangible benefit resulting from virtualization”, said Clare McCarthy, practice leader, Telco operations & IT at Ovum.

“Unexpected situations can develop rapidly, but with virtualization, automation and moving to more customer-centric management of processes, operators can maintain excellent network and service performance,“ said Peter Patomella, vice president for CEM and OSS at NSN. “To help operators upgrade to NetAct 8, the NSN Services team provides full support to ensure a smooth transition is made to a virtualized OSS. We are able to do this by drawing on our experience as the top OSS vendor and our global service expertise to help operators move to an OSS in the cloud era.”

NSN also speeds up the integration of multivendor networks through the newly signed OSS interoperability agreement.

To learn more about these capabilities for efficiently managing complex Heterogenous Networks, network operators, customers, press and analysts are welcome to visit NSN’s Experience Center in Hall 3, 3B10 at Mobile World Congress, Fira Gran Via, in Barcelona, Spain.

To share your thoughts on how operators can simplify operations, join the discussion with @NSNtweets on Twitter using #MWC14, #NSNperformance and #BSSOSS. For expert insights, visit our blog.

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