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White Paper: Data management in telecoms

by david.nunes

Expanded data-focused business model

By discussing three areas of data management – data consolidation and optimization, customer experience management and new business models – and presenting a conceptual structure for data usage, this paper outlines how operators’ ever-growing data assets can be transformed into revenue streams.

Telecom operators have reached a turning point. Customer experience management is increasingly important, while new players and services mean that the competition is tougher than ever. These challenges are forcing operators to find new revenue streams and ways to compete.

In parallel with these developments, data traffic is growing at an explosive rate. Analyzing this flow – while recognizing privacy and integrity constraints – and proper data consolidation can generate much useful information, whilst the necessary subscriber data created and maintained by operators are assets in their own right.

The theme of this data management paper is that these assets are essential tools in maintaining operator’s leadership positions, and that making use of this enormous information base through data consolidation and a defined conceptual framework can deliver reduced infrastructure costs, better customer experience management, new services and new customers.

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