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Introducing Huawei new HiCar technology
Traditionally, the SmartPhone connection with the Car Infotainment screen is limited to projection or mirroring the Phone screen, defined as Connection 1.0. HUAWEI HiCar implements Connection 2.0, which establishes multi-channel connections between mobile phones and head units. It extends user-preferred mobile phone apps and services to cars and facilitates open connections between the vehicle and other IoT devices.
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Do you want to learn more about how HUAWEI HiCar enables consumers to enjoy a consistent experience moving between locations? Download the HUAWEI HiCar Ecosystem White Paper to find out:
  • Solution Overview, Technical Architecture and Benefits
  • Open Platform, Opens capabilities
  • HiCar Integration - Apps and HeadUnit
...and more!
As we all know, the smartphone is at the heart of our connected world. Offering a seamless experience between your smartphone and your vehicle is definitely one of the most expected feature by automobilists.

Attendees at TU-Automotive Europe were joined by Huawei's expert team. In this keynote, Wen Ye will further explain the capabilities of Huawei's new HiCar technology, how it allows car manufacturers to enhance their in-car systems and revolutionizes the connected experience. For more cooperation details, please contact: [email protected]



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