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Why are companies investing in their wireless workforce?

by david.nunes
Xavier AubryIssue:Europe 2004
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Topic:Why are companies investing in their wireless workforce?
Author:Xavier Aubry
Title:Co-Founder, VP Sales & Marketing
Organisation:Appear Networks
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Xavier Aubry is the co-founder and VP Business Development of Appear Networks. Mr. Aubry was formerly the COO of a French technology start-up, where he managed product development, worldwide sales and marketing, and led the company into new markets in Europe, Asia and the US. After consulting for several companies in the wireless arena, Xavier created Appear Networks with a team of Swedish entrepreneurs. Xavier holds an MBA from Harvard Business School with high distinction. There, he was awarded the Baker Scholarship, the Arthur Sachs Scholarship, and ranked second at the annual Harvard Business Plan Contest.

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Context sensitive applications can significantly enhance the use of wireless, handheld, devices to access the Internet. Such systems compensate for the limited space and, as well, for the on-the-move nature of handheld usage; they automatically download the appropriate applications and information according to who is using the system, when and where it is being accessed, and even the surrounding circumstances. This sort of special context sensitive tailoring can, for example, eliminate extensive menus and simplify multi-click access routines.

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Wireless users demand more and more data services from their handheld devices. Consequently, the role of these devices and the hardware requirements are undergoing profound changes. PDAs and Smartphones are not simply phones or electronic organisers, but handheld computers with potent processors, a lot of memory, and a complete application environment. These devices permit e-mailing, instant messaging, Web surfing, listening to music, and game playing among others.

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