Why the mobile industry needs to do more to promote mobile streaming

Wednesday 13th April 2011: PacketVideo, the multimedia software company, has found that many consumers are still unaware of the possibilities of mobile data connections, especially when it comes to accessing their own content, such as photos, videos, music and movies on multiple devices.

Research commissioned by PacketVideo and presented in its ‘Connecting the Connected’ white paper found that although 41.5% of the 1,000 UK consumers questioned thought the ability to listen to music stored on their home computer wirelessly on a different device would be desirable, only 19.3% knew it was possible.

It seems that the electronics and mobile industries aren’t doing enough to promote the capabilities of mobile streaming to users’ smartphones and 3G tablets, despite consumers saying that such streaming technology would be useful. The number of web-connected devices is increasing: the PacketVideo research found that 62.8% of total respondents said they had a laptop, with 61.4% owning a PC or Mac and 33.7% a TV. In fact, it seems that web-TVs are even catching up with smartphone ownership: the survey found that web-TV ownership was only 4.8 percentage points behind smartphone ownership (45.8%).

The research suggests that consumers interested in streaming either within their own home or remotely are prepared to pay for such a service. 22% of respondents were willing to pay, while 71% of this group would pay up to £4.99 per month.

These results, plus a lot more, are detailed in PacketVideo’s white paper released last month, called ‘Connecting the Connected’. The white paper looks in-depth at the burgeoning demand for cross-platform access and presents the results of the survey. The research was commissioned on behalf of PacketVideo by Mobile Squared and carried out by Lightspeed Research, who surveyed 1,000 people from the UK in February 2011.

Léon Chicheportiche, Vice-President of Sales Europe at PacketVideo, said: “There is a clear demand for simple streaming both in the home and while out and about, but consumers are mostly unaware of the potential for the technology. PacketVideo provides streaming technology for mobile network operators and handset manufacturers across the globe, but there are still opportunities for the electronics industry to meet an unmet demand in this relatively new mobile market.”

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