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Wifi trial brings broadband to Priddy Folk Festival

by david.nunes

WiFi trial brings broadband to Priddy Folk Festival

Somerset, England  – Gor8, Panasonic, Zycko, Meru Networks and Avanti worked together to deliver satellite based free WiFi to the Priddy Folk Festival in Somerset this July. This successful trial is part of the £280m, 830 acre Circuit of Wales project www.CircuitofWales.com and on behalf of The Heads of the Valley Development Co.

Priddy is well known for its poor connectivity and was seen a perfect location to trial the innovative WiFi technology that will be delivered to the crowds of over 80,000 expected at MotoGP events.

Rory O’Connor, a director at Gor8, said, “While this was a very small trial, we are pleased to have been able to work so effectively with the festival organisers and our market leading partners to provide this service to festival goers. These trials will help ensure the spectator experience is world class when the circuit opens.”
Andrew John, Solutions Engineering Manager at Panasonic, said, “We are very pleased to have been a part of this successful trial, and look forward to implementing the solution across the Circuit of Wales.”

The chair of the festival committee Dean Collier was quoted as saying, “The trial was very successful for us. Few people expect to get a phone signal in Priddy over the weekend, so having WiFi was a real plus. We had people posting pictures of the event as it happened. Also the technology was unobtrusive and did not get in the way of any of our site operations, so a win win as far as I am concerned!”

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