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WiGig Mobile World Congress Media Invite

by david.nunes




One of World’s Largest Telecoms Companies to Join WiGig Alliance Board


Where:            Mobile World Congress 2012


When:              Briefings available 28 and 29 February


Who:                Established in 2009, Wireless Gigabit Alliance (WiGig Alliance) was formed by technology leaders within the CE, PC, semiconductor and handheld industries to address the need for faster wireless connectivity between computing, communications and entertainment devices.


What:               You are invited to a one on one briefing with Ali Sadri, Chairman and President of the WiGig Alliance. The WiGig Alliance is set to unveil major new contributors and board members at Mobile World Congress. 


WiGig Alliance had an amazingly successful 2011 in which it hosted the first ever interoperability test event, received ITU-R endorsement and formed a docking task group chartered with creating the world’s first multi-gigabit wireless docking specification. It also published two new Protocol Adaptation Layer (PAL) specifications in December, the WiGig Display Extension (WDE) and the WiGig Serial Extension (WSE).  


The WiGig Alliance is calling for even more developer involvement in the creation of the world’s first unified specification for multi-gigabit wireless docking.



Why should you include WiGig in your busy schedule?


This announcement will emphasise the significant industry momentum now backing the world’s most important short-range wireless standard. Creation and publication of the WiGig specification will revolutionize home networking by enabling a broad range of advanced uses, including wireless docking and connection to displays between personal computers, consumer electronics and PC, CE, handheld devices.


Here’s your chance for a briefing from the President and Chairman. This rare opportunity will make you one of the first to find out about the new board member company, plus new developments in multi-gigabit WiGig technology. 


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