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Wireless Gigabit Alliance Opens Office in Taipei

by david.nunes

Wireless Gigabit Alliance Opens Office in Taipei  

WiGig to showcase its technology in a technical briefing for Taiwan device designers and manufacturers  


Taipei, Taiwan and Santa Clara, CA. 23 March, 2012. On April 3 the Wireless Gigabit (WiGig) Alliance is to mark the official opening of its office in Taiwan by hosting a technical briefing to share information with leaders in the consumer electronics industry and members of the press about WiGig systems.


WiGig is emerging as the standard to link PCs, tablets, smart phones, handheld gadgets, peripherals, displays and other devices together seamlessly at home and in the office. In a recent report from analyst firm NPD In-Stat, it was predicted that WiGig is likely to emerge as the most popular wireless HD video technology.


The technical briefing entitled The Emerging Technology: 60 GHz WiGig Alliance Presentation features speakers from Intel, Wilocity and MediaTek who will address guests and give details of WiGig’s MAC/PHY, WiGig Display Extension (WDE), WiGig Serial Extension (WSE) and WiGig Bus Extension (WBE) specifications. 


“Backing for WiGig has continued to grow and we are really pleased with the support we are getting from new and established members. Taiwan is a recognized global ICT leader in OEM and ODM, and it is a key partner for us as we seek industry-wide adoption of our technology. With the technical briefing we have been able to showcase WiGig’s capabilities and capture the imagination of the industry’s elite decision makers,” said Ali Sadri, President and Chairman of the WiGig Alliance.


Momentum for WiGig has continued to grow in the last month with Huawei joining the board and ZTE signing up to participate as an official contributor. The WiGig Alliance is now calling for even more developer involvement in the creation of the world’s first unified specification for multi-gigabit wireless docking.


Dr Cheng Sheng-Ching, Executive Secretary of the Committee of Communications Industry Development of Taiwan (CoCID) commented: “Taiwan is a global centre for ICT manufacturing. We are pleased that WiGig has taken the decision to open an office here. We have been supporting WiGig on the recent technical briefing which saw attendance from many of the industry’s most important technology developers. There is a lot of excitement about WiGig, and we aim to assist in the creation of an ecosystem for the technology which will be beneficial not only for WiGig but also Taiwan industry,” he said.  


After WiGIg’s first successful plugfest in late 2011 more are scheduled throughout 2012 with first release of certified WiGig products set for early 2013. For further information follow @WiGigAlliance or visit http://wirelessgigabitalliance.org/


 About WiGig Alliance:

The WiGig Alliance was formed to establish a global ecosystem of high-speed and easy-to-use wireless devices that seamlessly work together to connect people in the digital age. WiGig technology enables multi‐gigabit wireless communications among consumer electronics, handheld devices and PCs, and drives industry convergence to a single radio using the readily available, unlicensed 60 GHz spectrum. The organization brings together the world’s leading manufacturers of semiconductors, personal computers, consumer electronics and handheld devices. For more information, please visit www.wigig.org.


About CoCiD

The Committee of Communications Industry Development (CoCID) was established by the MoEA in May, 2003.  CoCID is Taiwan’s leading agency for information and communication technologies, and is assigned the role of helping Taiwan’s communication industry meet three core targets: wireless applications, services and networks, broadband communications, and telecommunications.  CoCID also drives these objectives to accomplish the expectation of the National Science & Technology Program for Telecommunications (NTP).


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