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WISI further enhances its product portfolio for next generation access networks and digital TV solutions

by david.nunes

WISI further enhances its product portfolio for next generation access networks and digital TV solutions

The highly innovative headend systems CHAMELEON and TANGRAM have been further expanded – New feature rich modules have been added to the OPTOPUS optical transport platform – A completely new and highly efficient Network Management System xVIEW to be introduced

Niefern-Öschelbronn, August 6, 2015 – WISI Communications GmbH & Co. KG (WISI), a leading European system supplier in the fields of digital Video and Audio processing, Broadband Access and fiber optical solutions will be present again at this year’s IBC (September 11 – 15, 2015) and showcasing its efficient system solutions for the build-up and extension of next generation networks. One of the highlights at stand B.50 in hall 4 will be a live demonstration of the contribution, real-time processing and monitoring of linear and multiscreen content with WISI’s successful headend system TANGRAM together with its Canadian partner Inca Networks. The new end-to-end Network Management System xVIEW allows network operators to monitor and manage their infrastructures more efficiently while significantly reducing their operational costs. 

OTT and Multiscreen

For personalized TV applications (OTT and Multiscreen) WISI and its partner Inca Networks present a comprehensive solution which includes all necessary products for multi-bitrate transcoding and adaptive streaming. A unique feature for the operator is the advanced monitoring and operating system VidiOS™. The highly transparent GUI features Video Thumbnails, PIDs data rates, a continuity counter and provides PCR analysis on the fly. The intuitive solution allows for easy configuration and can be complemented by the unique ASE (All Seeing Eye) application providing a large screen mosaic of fully monitored channels with the ability to drill down on each channel’s details.

The OTT and Multiscreen solution on display combines WISI’s headend system TANGRAM with INCA’s advanced transcoding devices. The partners will jointly demonstrate, the efficient linear transcoding of HD/SD and MPEG4 for CATV networks, and the multi bitrate transcoding for adaptive streaming in OTT networks including an HLS Packager for Video streaming to mobile devices. 


The successful TANGRAM system for IPTV and analog/digital TV solutions has been further extended. At IBC WISI will present new modules and functionalities for gateway and edge applications. Linear transcoder module GT 37 can transcode up to 4 HD or 4 SD channels. It supports 1080i, 720p, 576i and 480i formats and codecs MPEG-2 (H.262) and MPEG-4 (H.264). Input options for transcoding are ASI or IP-multicast with output options ASI or IP-multicast/unicast.

The Edge ISDB-T module GT 26 provides up to two ISDB-T channels. A cable network can be fed with a maximum of 24 ISDB-T channels per fully equipped Tangram chassis. Additionally the functionalities of the TANGRAM modules were extended with advanced security features. Also the overall system management has been optimized to provide an operator with significant cost and time savings.

TANGRAM is an intelligent, efficient and flexible headend system for all operators that need to cater for the fast rising volumes of IP video traffic in their network infrastructures. The modules of the TANGRAM family convert IP signals into QAM, COFDM, ISDB-T, PAL, NTSC, SECAM and FM for the feeding of video signals in analog access networks like RF Overlay or HFC. It can be further deployed as a high-density platform for the extremely cost-efficient streaming of IP traffic.  TANGRAM offers all required features and functionalities to be used in professional networks such as redundant power supplies, 1+1 and n+1 redundancy, SNMP management, hot swappable replacement of modules and fans and advanced networking, control and security settings.


The internationally awarded headend system CHAMELEON is designed for all current and future applications for the transition from the analog to the digital world as well as to serve as the connection between HFC and IP distribution platforms. At IBC WISI will present some extensions to this extremely flexible software based system that distinguishes itself by the sustainability of its components and energy efficiency. New and enhanced features include scrambling, alarm monitoring and optimized control systems which will provide for a higher level of network security and ease of management resulting in additional time and cost savings for CHAMELEON operators.

CHAMELEON is a highly versatile single hardware concept which is unique in this market. This fully IP driven headend concept provides the operator with a high level of security for his long term investment. He can adapt, extend or increase functionalities whenever needed without any additional high expenditure as all module functions can be activated and configured via software license keys. Software options among others include a DVB receiver for the reception of different input sources (DVB-S/S2/T/T2/ISDB-T, T2-MI), analog and digital outputs (Edge-QAM/COFDM/ISDB-T, Edge-PAL/NTSC/SECAM) MPEG-4 decoder, IP- and ASI-streamer as well as re-multiplexing and scrambling.


The modular access platform OPTOPUS has been consistently extended upon to seamlessly operate and integrate with new and upcoming technologies such as DOCSIS 3.1 and 1.2 GHz operated networks.

These technological revolutions are required to enable network operators to respond to the continuously increasing demand for bandwidth. A special emphasis has been put on the optimization of energy consumption of all modules. At IBC WISI presents a number of novelties and extensions to the platform; 

LX15 S 3000 is a new optical adjustable full-band transmitter for long range signal transmissions of up to 60 kilometers. It is fully DOCSIS 3.1 compliant and suited for all HFC services. The full-band functionality simplifies the operation of Converged Cable Access Platforms (CCAPs) as the operator does not any longer depend on dedicated broadcast and narrowcast transmitters. Also, the frequency range of the dual HFC transmitter, LX 12, has been extended towards DOCSIS 3.1. It combines two transmitters in one module, is very energy efficient and supports by test point toggling the monitoring of input signals. Other novelties include the ValueLine fiber nodes of the LR 2x series for outdoor use. Furthermore, the FttB/FttLA nodes for HFC, RFoG and RF overlay networks are also DOCSIS 3.1 compliant. The modular node LR 22 is a wideband downstream receiver (1260 – 1610nm) and CWDM upstream. LR 23 (1310nm) and LR 27 (1550nm) are HFC/RFoG fiber nodes with CWDM upstream transmitters. The new in-home fiber network termination LR10 has an integrated optical RF receiver for CATV and SAT, a fiber tray and can be wall-mounted easily. It is also available for xPon networks with an integrated WDM filter. 

The OPTOPUS platform is an ideal solution that fits into every optical network and is widely deployed in FTTx networks with RF Overlay, RF over Glass (RFoG) architectures as well as HFC applications. The system provides the operator with a high level of flexibility, reliability, a very high density and stands out for its very low energy consumption. 

xVIEW Network Management System (NMS)
For operators the proactive management of multi-media networks is critical as subscribers expect fast and reliable services. WISI’s powerful xVIEW monitoring and management platform increases service availability, allows the fast integration of new applications and service offerings, reduces cost of operation and assures that network operators meet Service Level Agreements.

The end-to-end xVIEW Network Management System is designed for cable, satellite and OTT systems. It allows for status monitoring and the control of any device in the entire transmission chain from headend to HFC network. xVIEW provides the automated service monitoring of analog TV, digital TV, DOCSIS and FM radio. It increases service uptime while reducing operational costs by issue pointing and trend reporting. The NMS is scalable from small cable networks to very large enterprise systems.


The WISI platform Firefly has been specifically developed for broadcasters according to their needs. The solution includes T2-MI de-encapsulation, PLP replacement and seamless ad-insertion as well as Multifeed SFN network synchronization, professional transport stream multiplexing, ASI over IP and more.  

WISI Communications GmbH & Co. KG (WISI)

The Wilhelm Sihn jr. (WISI) company was founded in 1926 and is one of the world’s pioneers in broadband reception and distribution technology. Today, WISI’s field of business is the development, production and distribution of products and solutions in the following areas: automotive antenna and cabling, components for broadband networks, fiber optics for broadband, digital signal reception, processing and modulation for TV and radio, in-house multimedia. WISI currently employs around 550 people at two production sites in Germany and Asia. WISI has subsidiaries in France, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Bulgaria, Spain and China. In addition the company co-operates with more than 100 partners in all important international markets. Additional information can be found at www.wisi.de

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