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WISI presents a HbbTV MultiScreen Content Management Solution for the convergence of networks

by david.nunes

WISI at IBC 2011

WISI presents a HbbTV MultiScreen Content Management Solution for the convergence of networks


Amsterdam, Niefern, September 7, 2011 –


The TV market is rapidly changing. TV consumption is more and more becoming possible everywhere (“TV Everywhere”). The company`s slogan for this new important development in TV technology is: “Any Video from Any Source to Any Device in Any Network”. Network operators have to react and turn their networks seamlessly into content delivery networks (CDN). WISI Communications GmbH & Co. KG (WISI) will present at stand B25 in Hall 5 at IBC (September 9. – 13. 2011) in Amsterdam its new HbbTV MultiScreen

content management system solution for the convergence of access networks based on open standards.


Open Standard HbbTV


HbbTV allows network operators with an open application interface to present themselves to their customers on all HBBTV enabled consumer devices with their own GUI (Graphical User interface). HbbTV is already being integrated in Flat Screens or is available as plug-ins for TV browsers. The same principle is being used for PCs. A further important aspect is that the same content can be offered by so called “Apps” on Apple iPad, Android and Windows mobile tablets by using the browsers and video players of these mobile devices.


Central head end


The WISI solution for a Connected TV/IPTV consists of several building blocks such as the central WISI head end and rgb networks system components. This architecture receives, aggregates, re-multiplexes, transcodes, converts, encapsulates and streams TV and audio data, particularly for adaptive streaming via packet networks such as the Internet and mobile networks. SI data for Teletext and EPGs and others are also provided by the head end. A SI-Server is used to filter the metadata from the DVB transport stream and format them so that IP devices can use, distribute and convert them (Teletext, EPG).


AiMS HbbTV Server


The new AiMS platform adds the HbbTV specific extensions being necessary in


Connected TV applications. AiMS HbbTV is a stand-alone Content Management Software for IPTV/Connected TV and Multi Screen environments. It communicates with interfaces of different manufacturers with standardized protocols and XML content presentation for applications and client devices. It supports many IPTV and HbbTV Set-Top Boxes and Flat Screens without the need for any proprietary middleware. A maximum number of devices and operational systems as desktop computer platforms (Windows, Apple, Linux) with market relevant software components (Mozilla, FireFox, VLC Player, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, Windows Jabber Clients with video, Opera) can be used. AiMS can be installed on industry standard operating systems and standard server hardware. AiMS uses MySQL as default database. Also other databases like e.g. MSSQL, Oracle, PostGresQL can be used. AiMS can be distributed across several servers in a network with conventional methods. They can be addressed appropriately with load-sharing methods. AiMS is a carrier grade Content Management System (> 1 Mio Subs). Two further software components are available. AiMS



OTT allows the operator to expand its activities to the internet (over-the-top), for example WEB-TV. AiMS mobile

combines HbbTV with Multi Screen and supports Downloadable Apps, runs over-the-top and with secure user authentication. Authentication defines from which AiMS site the data are distributed. All data are provided by the server in XML. The App pulls the channel list (XML) from the server and the channel list contains the URL for the streams with different resolutions supplied by the transcoder, format converter and adaptive streamer.


Next steps


WISI, IPNetCom and rgb networks work on the integration of various VoD, time-shift TV (Catch Up TV) and OTT applications being launched shortly on this platform.


WISI Communications GmbH & Co. KG (WISI)


The Wilhelm Sihn jr. company was founded in 1926 and is one of the world’s pioneers in broadband reception and distribution technology. Today, WISI is active around the globe as an all-round and competent system supplier and partner in the fields of mobile communications, receiving and distribution technology, Cable TV and HFC technology, next generation networks and high frequency connection systems. In its three factories in Germany, France and Asia WISI currently employs around 550 people. WISI has subsidiaries in France, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Bulgaria, Spain and China. In addition the company co-operates with more than 100 partners in all important international markets. Additional information can be found at www.wisi.de.


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