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With madai customer decides the price

by david.nunes

From an Italian idea the project financed by international private investors that will change the traditional way of shopping


With madai customer decides the price:  buying online will never be the same again

Giving consumers the option to reduce prices of products in return for opinions and interactions, they choose to give as requested by companies.

UK as well as Italy, France, Spain and South Africa are opening up to the next generation of shopping experience.

– 18 July 2011 –

madai brings a revolution of the shopping experience to the UK: this isn’t just another deal aggregator, traditional online sale or the purchase groups currently springing up all over the network,  this innovative platform will be placed on websites of major international markets where customers can intertact with the brand and in return get reduced prices on goods and services.  

madai is the first new generation cloud-based platform, which is made up of sophisticated applications that can easily be integrated with all web and social network sites.

The innovative project was hatched by madai ltd, a start-up company owned by international private investors and based in London, which thanks to the idea of the Italian founders will change forever the traditional relationship between businesses and clients, bridging the gap that currently exists between supply and demand.

For businesses, madai represents a unique tool by which they can easily and quickly combine within their own sites sales, marketing and promotion activities by means of market research questionnaires, last-minute promotions, competitions, focus groups, competition analyses, comments and many more besides.

For consumers the unique opportunity to choose what to buy online at list price or to gradually reduce the price, interacting with the madai widget easily, securely and in full control of one’s own privacy. The madai platform can be used to buy the widest range of products from travel to technology, from music to financial services, through to cosmetics and wines, to name but a few.

madai has even thought of non-profit organisations with a philanthropic project called madai aid which will be introduced next September.

The project has been rolled out simultaneously in Italy, the UK, France, Spain and South Africa where  five operations are already active, but the aim is for rapid growth in the rest of Europe, in India and in the United States.




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