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WiZ “Connected Lights” is now part of the IoT platform Conrad Connect

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WiZ “Connected Lights” is now part of the IoT platform Conrad Connect

Smart lighting brand WiZ now joins Conrad Connect, allowing even easier integration of its Connected Lights with other smart home applications and the Internet of Things (IoT), making it more appealing to private households. Conrad Connect enables intelligent devices, apps and services from various manufacturers to connect to one platform for free.

WiZ technology is set to lead a paradigm shift in smart homes, offices and retail spaces, with regards to transforming lighting lifestyles. WiZ offers bulbs with 64,000 shades of white and 16 million colours to choose from, bringing total flexibility and control to ensure you find just the right colour lighting options to create the right ambience and mood for your environment.

The features of Conrad Connect and WiZ complement each other perfectly. Whether fitness tracking, energy management, security or the control of lighting; Conrad Connect is able to support the daily life of its users. Members can design their own projects with a drag-and-drop editor or rely on a growing number of proven Smart Living projects created by other people. They can then use the projects themselves, with just a few clicks.

“Our partnership with Conrad Connect is another important step in the IoT ecosystem. The Conrad Connect platform offers usability and comfort for consumers looking to operate a connected home. There is a growing interest in smart home applications and consumers trust Conrad who have been an established name in electronics know-how and quality for almost 100 years,” explains Thomas Walch, Market Manager Consumer Electronics Europe for WiZ.

In addition, alongside leading design and energy efficiency, the WiZ portfolio brings a new aspect into play: powerful software with a unique menu of functions. WiZ lets you enjoy full control of all your lights whether it’s through WiFi, mobile data networks, the WiZ infrared remote or your existing switches. WiZ also offers advanced voice control using Google Home and Amazon Alexa meaning you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to how you’d like to interact with light.

With the ability to simply link WiZ lights via the Internet, WiZ works on a “Connected Lights” system, which means that each lamp or light source becomes a stand-alone element within a Wi-Fi-networked environment. Every WiZ fitting and WiZ bulb can save settings thanks to its own memory and is connected to a secure cloud platform via a Wi-Fi router. This platform communicates via an app with the user´s smartphone or tablet. Unlike comparable solutions of other providers, users are not dependent on a bridge and additional hardware.

Even technically inexperienced users can easily control individual lamps, group them together, store different light scenarios with individual atmospheres and use many other functions from anywhere, using the WiZ app. These include for example, presence simulations and light scenarios based on fixed timetables.

“As we continue to evolve our WiZ Connected Lights ecosystem, we are always looking for technologies and companies with whom we can combine our products. Together with Conrad Connect, we want to make it even easier and more attractive for people to get smart lighting into their own four walls,” concludes Thomas Walch. “The Conrad platform and WiZ technology are so open and flexible that I am sure there will be many more exciting new applications and features to enjoy in the future.”

About WiZ

WiZ is the premium brand of the French-Asian TAO Group, which stands for innovation and technological progress in the field of lamps and lighting. Since 2004 TAO have designed decorative lamps and developed new technologies. As a result, the company was one of the first to develop LED bulbs for the mass market. In the past 12 years, TAO has sold more than 80 million lamps and bulbs, making it one of the leading manufacturers and developers of Smart Lightning, which is now represented in more than 25 countries worldwide.

WiZ belongs to the very few software platforms for lamps and light sources that are used for both B2B and B2C products. More than 30 permanent electronics engineers and software developers are continually improving and expanding the ecosystem of technology to harness it for other vendors. This will also enable other lamp and lamp manufacturers to use the WiZ Connected OEM Partner Program to turn their conventional lamps into modern IoT products through WiZ.

Information on Conrad Connect or the integration of WiZ can be found at https://conradconnect.de/ and at https://conradconnect.de/compatible/wiz.

Details about WiZ are available at www.wiz.world/en_us/.


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