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Worldwide first: ENENSYS releases SmartGate-vT2: a Pure Virtualized and Software based DVB-T2 Gateway

by Anthony Weaver
Rennes – France – September 3rd, 2019


ENENSYS Technologies, the leading provider of media delivery solutions, is announcing the World First DVB-T2 Gateway running as a pure software: SmartGate-vT2.

SmartGate-vT2 implements the latest state-of-the-art DVB-T2 gateway process, taking the benefit of more than 15 years of experience of ENENSYS in this area. SmartGate-vT2 enrichies the ENENSYS ‘s pure software based and virtualized “SmartGate” solution portfolio that already includes a LTE Broadcast BMSC gateway for Telecoms applications, a DVB-T MIP Inserter and a comprehensive solution for ATSC 3.0 head-end.

SmartGate-vT2 has been especially designed to meet the increasing demand from DTT network operators to roll-out and operate Software Based and Virtualized head-ends rather than dedicated hardware based products. This solution brings key advantages such as flexibility, scalability and being future-proof.

“We are very proud to release SmartGate-vT2 on the market, as we believe that it is the perfect time for the DTT industry to move forward to a pure software and virtualized solutions”, says Eric PINSON, Director of Terrestrial Market at ENENSYS.

“We have no doubt that the Hype of Virtualization is entering into its slope of enlightenment phase and with SmartGate-vT2 we continue our core strategy designing and delivering cutting-edge technologies for the DTT market”, adds Eric.

ENENSYS SmartGate-vT2 is the fully virtualized software version of the ENENSYS SmartGate-T2, the historic and hardware DVB-T2 Gateway product that have been widely adopted and deployed in more than 70 countries.

ENENSYS SmartGate-vT2 will be showcased at the IBC 2019 show, in the ENENSYS booth #2B51.





Based in Rennes, France, ENENSYS is the global designer and manufacturer of innovative professional equipment for the Digital Video Delivery and Broadcast industry. For 15 years the Group has been delivering highly innovative solutions to broadcasting chain operators allowing them to optimize the distribution of their content. Having invested €40 million in R&D over the last ten years, the Group has a reputation for excellence and is a market leader in solutions for optimizing, securing and monetizing DTT video flows. Its solutions are already sold to over 400 customers worldwide via three recognized brands – ENENSYS Networks, TeamCast and TestTree. ENENSYS Telecom Networks product line includes software for Mobile TV over LTE Broadcast. For more information, visit www.enensys.com



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