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XConnect Announces Major Partnership with DE-CIX to Create Germany’s First Next Generation Network/VoIP Communications Exchange

by david.nunes

XConnect Announces Major Partnership with DE-CIX to Create Germany’s First Next Generation Network/VoIP Communications Exchange


Operators to Gain Access to IP Voice and New Multimedia Federation-Based Interconnection and ENUM-Registry Services


LONDON, Jan. 18, 2012XConnect, the leader in federation-based IP interconnection and ENUM-registry services, today announced it has entered an exclusive partnership agreement with DE-CIX, the world’s largest Internet exchange (IX), to establish the first Next Generation Network (NGN)/VoIP federation in Germany, enabling service providers to directly exchange IP voice and multimedia traffic.


The partnership will create a secure and scalable federation hub and central carrier ENUM-based routing and number-management platform that will enable hundreds of fixed, mobile, ASP and Web 2.0 operators to interconnect securely end to end on an all-IP basis.


Interconnection via the hub will benefit operators significantly. It will reduce the technical complexity and commercial and operational costs of NGN interconnection, allowing for migration from bilateral, legacy-network TDM interconnects to IP. In addition, operators will be able to securely and multilaterally interconnect to multiple networks via a single IP connection to the hub, supporting the interworking and interoperability of IP voice and multimedia services, such as HD voice, video and Unified Communications (UC).


The ENUM registry will, for the first time, offer a central number-management and number-portability platform for German operators, facilitating ENUM-based number discovery and routing that will enable calls to be delivered accurately and directly across networks.


DE-CIX, a wholly owned subsidiary of the largest European Internet industry association, eco, already provides direct and settlement-free Internet interconnection infrastructure services to more than 400 operators. 


The partnership agreement announced today combines DE-CIX’s experience in managing high-volume Internet exchange services and market reach with XConnect’s expertise and global leadership in carrier-neutral NGN interconnection services and technology. XConnect currently operates other national federations in Europe, Asia and Africa, and the company is in talks about establishing additional federations.


“We are delighted to join with XConnect in spearheading VoIP federation initiatives in Germany,” said DE-CIX CEO Harald Summa. “Partnering with XConnect will enable DE-CIX to consolidate our leading market position by delivering additional VoIP and Next Generation Network peering, as well as interconnection services.


“The complexities and associated costs of interconnecting networks have become a key concern for service providers. The partnership will address these challenges, providing cost and service efficiencies while driving adoption of new services.”


XConnect CEO Eli Katz said: “In line with the global trend of evolution to IP-based communications, we are thrilled to have been selected by the world’s leading Internet exchange to bring all-IP telecoms and Interconnect 2.0 services to Germany and beyond.


“Our partnership will, for the first time, enable operators in Germany to launch IP voice and new multimedia services on a cross-network basis, which the legacy PSTN infrastructure cannot support. This will bring new revenue opportunities, as well as cost savings, to all operators.”


J. Scott Marcus, Director at WIK-Consult GmbH, said: “The benefits of a migration to hub-based IP interconnection for voice and multimedia communications have long been recognised. Now for the first time in Germany, this arrangement brings together the key enabling elements to provide the catalyst for direct IP voice interconnection and the widespread adoption of cross-network services, such as HD voice, video and Unified Communications.”


About XConnect

The global leader in network peering, XConnect is trusted by IP-based service providers in 20 countries to offer a suite of Interconnect 2.0 services, including next-generation multimedia interconnection hub and carrier ENUM-registry solutions for voice and video. London-based XConnect offers the most comprehensive and reliable solutions to help service providers deliver rich multimedia IP communications across networks while reducing costs and improving service quality. Backed by Tier 1 venture capital firms, XConnect operates the largest worldwide ENUM-based IP-peering federation, the Global Alliance, and the world’s first national VoIP/NGN interconnection federations. For more information, please visit www.xconnect.net.


About DE-CIX

DE-CIX is the central, international Internet Exchange in Frankfurt am Main. DE-CIX enables the exchange of IP-traffic, the so called peering between Internet Service Providers through a failsafe switch infrastructure. Founded in 1995, DE-CIX today is the most important Internet exchange for Central and Eastern Europe, and the largest Internet exchange worldwide for data throughput. Over 400 ISPs from over 40 countries carry out an essential part of their Internet traffic through DE-CIX. The independent carrier-neutral owner and operator of the Internet exchange is DE-CIX Management GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of eco e.V., German Internet Industry Association based in Cologne.



Laura Abbott, for XConnect

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Birgit Osterholt, for DE-CIX




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