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XINTEC broadens its customer base in Asia Pacific

by david.nunes

Luxembourg, 13th October 2010:  XINTEC S.A. announced this week that its award winning fraud management system, FMSliteTM , has been selected by New Zealand’s newest mobile network 2degrees.

The fast-emerging entrant  was looking for an affordable yet powerful fraud management system (FMS) to detect fraud at multiple levels, including prepay fraud, to ensure the network is protected from the outset . FMSliteTM is a transaction-based FMS that analyses both mobile and fixed line switch call records to detect fraudulent activity in near-real time.

According to Steven Fast, Chief Finance Officer at 2degrees, FMSliteTM meets just about all of the company’s needs at this time.

“The fact that FMSliteTM is an already proven cost-effective solution, and comes with the highest industry recommendation, has greatly simplified our choice. Flexibility is what’s most important to us, and we are looking forward to working with XINTEC in the future.”

“We’re delighted by this opportunity to work with such a highly professional team at 2degrees. This win marks a strategic entry to the Pacific region, confirming XINTEC’s positioning in the small-  to mid-tier market segment today.” says XINTEC CEO Sean Killeen.

XINTEC markets software solutions for fraud detection, revenue assurance and roaming to communication service providers worldwide. The company’s analytics and data manipulation technology allows clients to monitor end-user behavioural patterns in near-real time.

About Two Degrees Mobile Limited

“2degrees was launched in August 2009 and gained over 206,000 subscribers in its first six months of operations. As the third entrant, 2degrees has challenged the incumbent nature of the industry, bringing New Zealand consumers greater value in terms of mobile pricing along with a range of innovative new products and services.

2degrees has built a 2G and 3G network and has over 50 roaming agreements with other mobile operators from around the world.

Contact: Bryony Hilless


Established in 2007, XINTEC offers expertise and core technical development skills in the areas of Fraud Management, Revenue Assurance, and Roaming Solutions, including NRTRDE (Near-Real-Time Roaming Data Exchange). The company serves mobile and fixed-line telecommunications companies around the world, and is focused on helping its clients protect the profitability of their telecoms operations.

High-performance and simplicity are the hallmarks of XINTEC products and services. We put operators in control of their data, and we offer a potent alternative to traditional IT system providers with our innovative fraud management solutions and revenue optimisation software.

Contact: Meg Carpenter

Meg Carpenter

Marketing Manager

www.xintec.com | T: (+352) 26 35 24 96 | F: (+352) 26 35 24 98 | M: (+352) 661 22 33 74

XINTEC S.A. | LAB | Zone Industrielle | L-5366 Munsbach | Luxembourg


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