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XipLink and SkyBand Team for Managed Optimization Service

by david.nunes


Skyband Enhances Services with XipLink Hub Optimizations


Provides Managed Services with Optimized Web and Micro Appliances



February 27, 2011 – Montréal, QC and CabSat (Dubai) – XipLink and Skyband are proud to jointly announce the production rollout of optimized Internet services on the Skyband Star, Mesh and Hybrid networks. Recently, Skyband invested in XipLink’s Hub Optimization (XHO) technology to provide their Saudi customers with higher capacity web throughput with no additional space capacity cost for the operator or remote appliance cost for the end user. The result is a superior managed service with low customer turnover.



In these networks, Skyband deployed redundant, high capacity 155 Mbps XA-30K appliances at their data center in Riyadh. By adding the XHO software option to the XipLink appliance, all remote customers on the network were able to obtain immediate optimization benefits for HTTP traffic. Additionally, for selected high-priority remote enterprise sites, Skyband leverages the hub investment by adding XipLink XA-2000 optimizers to customer premises locations thus allowing full two-way “bracketed” optimizations for all TCP traffic types. For smaller locations, such as small businesses or ATM locations, Skyband now utilizes the XA-Micro appliance for these remote locations due to a low price point and elimination of operationally intense software solutions on customer computing devices.



Osman Oueida, Executive Vice President for Skyband, commented “today’s satellite network operators are under significant pressure to deliver more throughput to the end customer while also reducing the cost per bit internally. The XipLink products solve this for us due to effective capacity increases at a low capital cost. The network engineering teams at both Skyband and XipLink have been working together on these customer rollouts over the last two years and the support has been tremendous.”



“Skyband has established a leadership position in the Saudi Arabian market by choosing the best technology for the right applications and delivering these in a managed service bundle,” says Sasmith Reddi, VP of Asia and Middle East at XipLink. “For this particular project, the XipLink XHO optimizations provide all remote users with significant throughput gains on web traffic, while allowing for higher capacity sites to drop in remote appliances when two-way optimizations are required. This flexibility lets the service provider deliver the best possible service within capital cost constraints.”





About Skyband



Skyband is a member of the Int’ltec Group and is one of the first VSAT service providers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the license received from the Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC) for setting up VSAT Services, Network Operation Center and Data Center Managed Services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Skyband has expertise in delivering total VSAT communication solutions in the areas of Banking & Finance, Corporate & Educational sectors, Telecom service providers & Government sectors. Skyband operates the network from its own redundant Hub facilities located in Riyadh & Jeddah.




About XipLink, Inc.



XipLink is the technology leader in wireless link optimization using standards based SCPS protocol acceleration, streaming data compression and Internet optimizations to deliver the maximum capacity over stressed wireless communication links. XipLink is a privately owned company with Headquarters in Montreal, Quebec Canada and field personnel worldwide.





XipLink Company Information



Marie Tran

Office Administrator

+1 514-848-9640 x225

For more information about XipLink visit www.xiplink.com or email xiplink@xiplink.com

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