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Xirrus introduces new Managed Service Provider Program

by david.nunes

Xirrus Introduces New Managed Service Provider Program for Fast Growing Wi-Fi Services Market, Expanding Business Opportunities for Partners


ST. ALBANS, UK—December 8, 2011 – Xirrus®, the leading provider of high-performance wireless networks, today announced its new Managed Service Provider (MSP) program designed to meet the growing demand for wireless services.  Through product invention and system design, Xirrus has made it easier and more cost-efficient for MSPs to design, deploy, and manage wireless networks.  Partners will deliver these services with confidence – that their wireless solutions are the most powerful, scalable, and trusted in the industry.


Wireless isn’t a “nice-to-have” anymore.  Gartner projects that spending on enterprise WLAN equipment (including software) will rise from $2.5 billion in 2010 to $5.2 billion in 2015,[1] however, they also project that by 2015, 80% of newly installed wireless networks will be obsolete because of a lack of proper planning.[2]  MSPs can mitigate this emerging trend by deploying Xirrus’ modular Wireless Array platform, Wi-Fi Designer™, and Xirrus Management System (XMS), including cloud-based management services for remote configuration, troubleshooting, and policy management. 


The new Xirrus MSP program supports partners that demonstrate expertise and success in deploying wireless networks in complex environments, characterised today by the dramatic increase in mobile devices and application demands delivery capabilities for BYOD strategies, wireless security, location services, live event services, emergency response, guest access, voice-over-Wi-Fi, and video streaming.


MSPs will gain expanded revenue and profit opportunities by offering a broad portfolio of value-added wireless services including:


·        Network architecture and capacity planning       

·        Site survey services using Xirrus Wi-Fi Designer

·        Network implementation and deployment

·        Network configuration, provisioning and maintenance

·        Monitoring and reporting

·        Troubleshooting and analysis


“With users everywhere demanding dependable wireless access to a growing number of wireless devices, MSPs are poised for significant growth,” said Kevin Hollenbach, vice president of sales for the Americas at Xirrus.  “We are the only wireless network vendor able to provide the tools, products, and support an MSP needs to meet the market demand for delivering wireless that will last.  We are committed to not only providing world-class products, but also marketing, sales, and ongoing technical support that helps MSPs sign new customers and keep them happy for years to come.” 


Xirrus Partner Quotes


“Free Wi-Fi has shot past complimentary breakfast and free parking as a traveler ‘must have’ for most hotel types, according to a September 2010 J.D. Power and Associates survey of 53,000 travelers. Increasingly, guests are expecting the same level of experience out of their hotel connection as they do at home; connecting to their video on-demand subscriptions, gaming, or video conferencing, and enjoying a host of multimedia applications capable of running on their mobile devices. Xirrus’ innovative wireless Array solutions solve connection, bandwidth, and manageability requirements to properly offer the best wireless experience imaginable.”               – Bob Goldstein, CEO at Single Digits.  Certified Xirrus MSP.


“In our business, we succeed not only by addressing our clients‚ challenges, but by anticipating their customers‚ needs as well.  Users are demanding access to a growing mass of content from increasing numbers of iPhones, Androids, iPads, and other devices.  They expect service with no interruptions or inconveniences.  With Xirrus‚ range of easily customisable solutions, backed by a suite of value-added services, we are well positioned and can uniquely offer this critical capability for our clients.”  Paul Gillespie, Partner, showNets, LLC.  Certified Xirrus MSP.


“The increased flexibility and scalability of a fully mobile network is becoming a highly desirable and cost effective solution to an ever increasing number of markets, some organisations have already committed to ‘cutting the cord’ entirely. Health, Education, and Events are at the leading edge of this technological trend and Xirrus’ unique offering places them firmly at the forefront.  Whether we deploy and support a few hundred devices or tens of thousands, Xirrus gives us the platform and confidence to meet current and future demands.  Xirrus is perfectly poised to gain significant market share as a result of the attractive value-added services contained in this new MSP program.”  – Graeme Lupton, Technical Sales Director at Sumlock.  Certified Xirrus MSP.  


“The multi-AP array solution from Xirrus has opened doors and created confidence among our customer base that what we promise, we deliver.  Xirrus’ industry-leading price performance and implementation guarantee makes it possible to take advantage of the explosive wireless LAN market to grow our market opportunities and accelerate revenues.  This is how wireless should be done.  Powerful.  Simple.  Smart.  – Jesse Westgate, Director of Sales at European Electronique.  Certified Xirrus MSP.


“The introduction of the Xirrus MSP Program makes delivering ongoing wireless access to our customer base rewarding.  Customers expect reliable connectivity regardless of device type or application.  What’s critical is the ability to deliver trusted communications quickly, effortlessly and with confidence.”  – Patrick de Vries, Sales Director Unit Technology at Simac.  Certified Xirrus MSP.


To receive more information about the Xirrus MSP program, please visit www.xirrus.com


About Xirrus, Inc.

Xirrus is the leading provider of high-performance wireless networks. Our array-based solutions perform under the most demanding circumstances—always. Their wired-like reliability and superior security allow our customers to confidently take their business-critical applications and operations mobile. Our solutions are unique in the industry, transforming enterprises and organisations around the world. At a time when everyone expects to connect wirelessly everywhere and business is increasingly done in the cloud, Xirrus wireless solutions are providing a vital strategic business and IT infrastructure advantage in thousands of deployments worldwide. Headquartered in Thousand Oaks, CA, Xirrus is a privately held enterprise designing and manufacturing its products and solutions in the USA.




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