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XO Communications Accelerates Service Introduction and Improves Operations with Juniper Networks Core Routers

by david.nunes

XO Communications Accelerates Service Introduction

and Improves Operations with Juniper Networks Core Routers

MX2020 and PTX5000 Routers Enable 100G Scalability

While Reducing Transport and Operational Costs

Hong Kong, Oct. 16, 2013 – Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR), the industry leader in network innovation, today announced that XO Communications has deployed the world’s most powerful edge services router, the Juniper Networks® MX2020 3D Universal Edge Router, and the first Converged Supercore™ router, the Juniper Networks PTX5000 Packet Transport Router. These two platforms will help XO Communications accelerate the introduction of new revenue-generating services, improve core-to-edge operational efficiency and accommodate today’s data deluge, delivering new services up to 69 percent faster than competitive offerings[2].

IDC[3] predicts Internet traffic to grow by nearly 700 percent from 2011 to 2015. In addition to the increase in network traffic, unpredictable spikes in data driven by global events are causing waves of stress from the service provider edge to the network core. As service providers deploy new customer services and applications, their infrastructures need to be agile and scalable enough to respond immediately to varying types of network traffic.

News Highlights

· Operational Benefits – Increasing the top line revenue while reducing operational costs is a critical success factor for XO Communications. Together, the PTX5000 and MX2020 routers reduce 10G edge and 100G backbone transport costs. The PTX5000 packet optical design allows XO Communications to cost-effectively interconnect sites more than 1200 miles apart, the equivalent distance between San Francisco, Calif. and Denver, Colo. while the MX2020 provides the massive capacity and performance to scale service delivery by providing customers with more bandwidth using fewer routers. This cost control lets XO Communications be more agile and improve the customer experience while also reducing customer fees.

· Scaling from the Services Edge to the Core – The PTX5000 and MX2020 MPLS-based routers provide XO Communications with the massive performance, reliability and service delivery for enterprise cloud services that customers need during times of peak traffic. The PTX5000 allows XO Communications to remove network layers, saving money in operations and reducing core network provisioning costs. With Juniper, the company expects network CapEx cost savings up to 65 percent compared to traditional architectures and up to 35 percent savings compared to a pure IP routing solution. Together with the 80 Tbps of capacity in a single MX2020, XO Communications has enough bandwidth to deliver high-definition video to every household in New York and still have capacity left over for all of New Jersey.

Supporting Quotes

· “Since our network covers more than one million miles of fiber optic lines across the United States, we are constantly looking for ways to improve operational expenses while expediting revenue generating service introductions. Juniper’s PTX5000 and MX2020 routers enable us to accelerate the delivery of new services to our customers without being hindered by operational complexity and performance limitations. As a result, we are well positioned to improve our customers’ experience and deliver competitive solutions for years to come.”

– Steve Nocella, executive vice president of network operations, XO Communications

· “Service providers require massive network scalability and reduced complexity due to an influx of video, applications and cloud-based services. XO Communications is a great example of an innovative service provider taking greater control of its business by removing cost, operational and performance barriers currently hindering innovation and revenue expansion.”

Mike Marcellin, senior vice president, strategy and marketing, Platform Systems Division, Juniper Networks

Additional Resources:

· Juniper.Net Community: www.juniper.net/community

· Juniper on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Junipernetworks

· Juniper on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JuniperNetworks

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