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Yandex Unveils 3D User Interface for Android Tablets

by david.nunes

Yandex Unveils 3D User Interface for Android Tablets

Mobile World Congress, February 28th, 2012 – Yandex-owned leading mobile software developer SPB Software is launching an innovative, glasses-free 3D user interface for Android tablets. With Shell 3D Tablet Edition mobile operators and device manufacturers can now create customized 3D tablet interfaces for their clients.

Yandex Shell 3D Tablet Edition uses auto-stereoscopic technology that creates an immersive 3D experience without the need for specialized tablets screens. Representing entirely new way of interacting with tablets, Yandex Shell 3D Tablet Edition makes it easier for users to navigate and personalize their devices. The tablet edition follows the launch of smartphone-based Shell 3D, one of the most successful premium apps on the Android Market.

According to estimates from industry analysts Gartner, sales of tablets are expected to reach 326 million by 2015 and will be roughly on par with PC sales.

“Mobile operators are now offering tablets with mobile broadband packages alongside mobile and smart phone deals. We recognise that they want to differentiate the offerings they make to their tablet subscribers from what they can offer to their mobile phone clients,” said Sebastian-Justus Schmidt, General Manager and EVP Mobile at Yandex. “The Yandex Shell 3D is available for operators to pre-install on their Android tablets, adding a new element of attraction for potential customers. We believe that 3D interaction will become the norm on tablet devices.”

The tablet UI home screen features an intuitive carousel design which allows users to see panels of all of their apps and widgets in three dimensions, as they swipe from panel to panel. Each panel is easily customizable, giving users an opportunity to create the right combination of apps, widgets and folders. Shell 3D Tablet Edition also contains special widgets including a clock with 60 different skins and a 3D calendar. It also has a widget that allows users to 3D-enable other widgets.

About Yandex (www.yandex.com)

Yandex is the leading internet company in Europe. It is the owner of Russia’s most popular search engine and most visited website. Yandex also operates outside the CIS countries. In September 2011, the company was successfully launched in Turkey.

Yandex offers to its users a variety of location-based services, including maps, traffic information, email, photo sharing and others. Some of Yandex’s most popular desk-top services are also available on mobile.

Yandex has a multiplatform approach to its services. In November 2011, Yandex acquired SPB Software, a leading developer of mobile software with offices worldwide. This deal allowed both companies to join their effort in delivering to the end user an enhanced device experience which integrated SPB Software’s award winning User Interface Shell 3D, unlimited cloud storage and many more.

About SPB Software (www.spb.com)

SPB is a leading brand in mobile software, standing for a unique line of popular consumer products and partnerships with the world’s most innovative handset makers and wireless carriers. SPB Software has 75 employees and offices in Russia, Taiwan and Thailand.

Media contacts at Mobile World Congress

Johnny Truong
Sonus PR for SPB Software
+1 (415) 812 7888

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