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Yell releases new infographic to help plumbers gain more customers through the internet

by david.nunes

Yell releases new infographic to help plumbers gain more customers through the internet


30 January 2012


Yell’s web design team has released a new infographic today, which urges plumbers to use the internet to boost their business.


Stop the leak highlights the opportunity for plumbers to market themselves and gain more customers by having a website. It also outlines the active customer base they may miss out on if they do not adapt to the online world. 


Google statistics show that there are 823,000 searches for the keyword ‘plumbers’ nationwide, every month. UK plumbers who do not have a website could be missing out on a large number of these ‘in market’ consumers.


The infographic highlights the regular demand for plumbers with many Google searches being location-specific; there are 40,500* of these queries each month for ‘London plumbers’ alone.


As stated in the infographic, 58% of all purchase decisions now begin with a search engine**. The internet is becoming the main research tool for anyone looking for a product or service, so plumbers without a website could find themselves being left behind.


Many plumbers feel that the best way to market themselves is by word of mouth and do not realise the potential value of an online presence***. These businesses fall into the 54% of small enterprises that do not have a website****.


Yell’s infographic shows various ways that plumbers can use online channels including e-mail, web content and advertising, to turn search queries into real customers.


Marketing.yell.com, the online marketing resource from Yell, is aimed at giving free advice and information to small and medium sized businesses on how to market their businesses online. Yell provides web design services and has built more than 600 websites for plumbers.





For more information contact:


 Sophie Coley: 01273 760969 or Rebecca Norris: 01273 760 967 or e-mail: yell@propellernet.co.uk


About Yell
Yell Group is a leading provider of print and digital services within the emerging local eMarketplace for consumers and SMEs across its operations in the UK, US, Spain and some countries in Latin America.


Building on its strong presence in the local market through its current digital and print portfolio, Yell is developing a broad range of digital services tailored to the converging needs of SMEs and consumers. 


These address both the SME need to grow, transact and be efficient in the digital world, and the consumers’ need to connect locally to the goods and services they want, in a way which saves them time and money, and moves their lives forward. 


In the year ended 31 March 2011, Yell Group had over 1 million SME advertisers.


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** From: GroupM, February 2011 http://www.groupm.com/
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**** From: http://www.inspiresme.co.uk/news/marketing/over-half-of-smes-have-no-website/


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