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Yonsei University Expands Its Campus Network with Juniper Networks to Support a Cloud-Enabled Enterprise

by david.nunes

Yonsei University Expands Its Campus Networkwith Juniper Networks to Support a Cloud-Enabled Enterprise

Providing Cloud Network Scale, Juniper NetworksDeploys EX Series Ethernet Switches to Complete the University’s First Phase of Its Wired and Wireless Network Integration Project

SINGAPORE– 2 JUNE, 2016–Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR), an industry leader in automated, scalable and secure networks, today announced that it has successfully completed the first phase of Yonsei University’s wired and wireless network integration project.To drive the globally-renowned university toward the implementation of a cloud-enabled enterprise, Juniperwas chosen to deploy itshigh-performance Juniper Networks® EX Series Ethernet Switchesfeaturing 40GbE upgradability, for the university to easilyscale its campus network across 69 buildings atits campus in Sinchon, Seoul.

In addition to its highly scalable 40 Gbps capability, theEX9208 Ethernet Switch was also selected for its ability to simplify the university’s implementation of cloud applications, server virtualization and media collaboration tools.

Ideal for organizations like Yonsei with a high density of users, theEX4600Ethernet Switch provides the university with deployment flexibility, high availability with integrated In-Service Software Upgrades (ISSU) and simplified MC-LAG managementas well as Virtual Chassis technology allowing for a mix of up to 10EX4600 and EX4300 switches in a single configuration.

Selected as part of Yonsei’s strategic planning project to construct a next-generation network, Juniper’s products provide thereliable, high-performance networking infrastructure required to address the university’s increasing demand for network services and the growth of data traffic from its campus population.

Deployed across 69of the buildings at the Sinchon campus, Yonsei’snetwork was specifically setup to accommodatefuture network expansion. In addition,network infrastructure has been simplified from a legacy three-tier architecture to a two-tier architecture, improving simplicity of operations while simultaneously minimizing service downtime to ensure a highly robust level of network performance across the entire campus at any time.

Planned in four phases, Yonsei expects to complete the integration project by 2018.


Supporting Quotes:

Yonsei University’s wired and wireless network integration project is important both in the scale and nature of the project.This deployment is a strong, accelerated continuation of our success in the education sector. We are committed to delivering our best during the remaining three phases of the project andaim to replicate this success across other high-traffic campuses requiring scalable and flexible networks.”

– KB Chai, country manager of Korea, Juniper Networks


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