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‘Zen’ Network Response Team To Provide Independent Back Up & 24-Hour Uptime Guarantee To Operators

by david.nunes

‘Zen’ Network Response Team To Provide Independent Back Up & 24-Hour Uptime Guarantee To Operators

– SysMech creates independent analysis and consultancy line to service providers to prevent threat of extended downtime

– recruits team of network specialists to provide third party network support and technical fault management

SysMech, the big data applications company, is expanding with the recruitment of a team of twenty network specialists and engineers over the next year. The Zen Network Response Team will support the deployment of its Zen™ Big Data Family of tools, as well as provide network diagnostics and support in the wider telco arena. The new engineers are being sought with Java and C++ skills in a Unix environment and network management expertise, with an understanding of the telco market.

Proven at blue chip telco and mobile network operators, the Zen portfolio of solutions – which was behind the cell site optimisation, capacity planning and monitoring of the London 2012 Olympics – has been developed to fill the traditional gap between the business view of network performance and the customer experience. Its successful uptake among several global operators has led to increased demands on support, as well as expertise in assisting mobile and network operators manage growth and opportunity and maximise the issues that big data issues can solve.

“It’s an exciting time for the company, with our products becoming an instrumental support and optimisation element behind many global networks,” said Rob Green, MD at SysMech. “We want to maximise the reach of this intelligence and service to operators as a whole, to widen the understanding of what is technically possible in the telco environment,” he added.

“Our Zen technology is able to diagnose the root cause of a network problem in a manner which other technologies cannot. We need to expand our team of support engineers to maximise the understanding and reach of the independent tools and services which are available through the Zen portfolio, to save customer and operator pain.”

SysMech, which has a significant track record of optimising telco operations through the deployment of big data analysis and performance management, is seeing opportunities in other sectors, including finance, insurance, gaming and retail.

About SysMech

SysMech, provides big data applications and platforms to address the growing market for high volume data, typically generated by machine. With a proven track record in the telco sector, SysMech supplies major network providers with patented real-time analysis and optimisation as they struggle with the ever-increasing network loads generated by smart phones. SysMech’s Zen™ Family provides a unified and scalable service assurance solution, correlating network performance with customer experience and network faults. Founded in 1994, the company is privately owned and its world-wide customer base includes Vodafone, Swisscom, TeliaSonera and Turkcell.

You can follow updates from SysMech on Twitter @SysMech, LinkedIn, or read their thoughts on The SysMech Blog Zone.

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