Zettabox introduces Messenger to its service.

Latest feature offers teams secure collaboration

London, November 18, 2015Zettabox, the European cloud storage and team-sharing platform, launches the first European solution for secure collaboration, Zettabox Messenger. Messenger helps teams take more ownership and control over the files they create, store and share with a fast and easy communication functionality.

Here’s how it works: For Windows, Apple, iOS and Android – Zettabox Messenger lets colleagues sharing folders create an instant community among themselves, based on shared folders and content.
The community can last for an hour, a day, a week — in other words, the life of a team project — or for as long as community members continue sharing content.

Because the messages are transferred only between members of the content-sharing community, collaboration becomes far more secure. And there is no longer any need to fill email in-boxes with large files and lengthy message strings. Comments and suggestions are captured in the Messenger conversation window.

“Given sweeping changes to data privacy rules in Europe, Zettabox should be the choice of any company seeking to comply with the recent European Court of Justice ruling declaring that the US is not a safe harbor for Europeans’ data. Furthermore, Zettabox is fully compliant with what are anticipated as the strictest requirements under the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation the EU is now finalising,” says James Kinsella, Zettabox Founder.

Zettabox is dedicated to making the cloud a smarter and safer tool for companies who do business in Europe. Zettabox features GeoTool, which allows users to select one of 10 data centres in Europe where your data is stored and complies with all right to be forgotten rules. Zettabox Messenger now adds secure communication to cloud storage and team collaboration.

Zettabox. It’s better in Europe.  

About Zettabox
Zettabox provides cloud storage and team sharing tools for companies who need to comply with Europe’s ever-stringent data protection regulation and must find a Safe Harbour for their data. Zettabox can be used by anyone, but it has been built for business, with dashboard controls essential for management of content within a corporation or team. And Zettabox has been designed with data protection built in to guarantee compliance with the new, upcoming EU regulation. Zettabox launched in June of 2015, following two years of research and development. Zettabox is based in London and Prague. Zettabox deploys technology in secure EU-based data centres and uses payment technology provided by a German-based ecommerce platform.
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