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Zettabox marks 10th Data Protection Day Launches new technology to help businesses

by david.nunes

Zettabox marks 10th Data Protection Day

Launches new technology to help businesses


London, January 26, 2016Zettabox, the European cloud storage and team-sharing platform, marks the 10th anniversary of the creation of Data Protection Day 28 January by launching a Single-Sign-On (SSO) API that helps businesses and organizations in Europe meet growing legal obligations to protect private citizens’ data.

Zettabox’s API allows companies, educational institutes and governments access shared data and collaborate by using a simple sign-on process that can be tailored for specific security protocols already used by an organization. This innovation means the cloud sharing and collaboration tool sector– the fastest growing part of the tech market – now has a European alternative engineered for the way European organizations work, rather than requiring them to adopt a protocol that Google, Facebook or other US cloud giants insist upon.

Data Protection Day was inaugurated a decade ago to highlight the ground-breaking work Europe did to make protection of citizens’ data a fundamental right. Much of the world, including the US, followed Europe’s lead. But outside of Europe, the name of the day was changed to Data Privacy Day, and the focus shifted to individuals and companies being encouraged to keep data secure, rather than citizens’ privacy being protected by law.

Data Protection Day this year has taken a special significance, because the European Parliament is set to vote on an update of the mandate that protects EU citizens’ data, called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Violating GDPR could result in fines of up to 4% of a company’s global revenue.

“The distinction between data privacy and data protection – a uniquely European idea – underscores the fundamental differences between the European and US approach,” says Zettabox Founder James Kinsella. “In the US, it’s up to the individual or business to safeguard their own privacy. In Europe, the government is responsible for protecting citizens’ privacy, and thus Europe leads the world in data protection regulation,” he adds. For details on why the US and Europe are different, read the Zettabox blog.

Zettabox is dedicated to helping companies comply with the upcoming GDPR, which begins with understanding its implications. To help companies educate themselves, Zettabox has produced a game that provides an easy-to-understand overview of the GDPR’s key aspects. For more, see the Zettabox GDPR information page, which includes the game.

Want to know more about GDPR and what it may mean to your business?

Combined with the Europe Union Court of Justice’s recent ruling which deemed the United States was not a safe harbor for European customer data, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is set to change the way businesses in Europe treat and secure the files and content they store in the cloud. Play the video and see what GDPR may mean to your business.

About Zettabox
Zettabox provides cloud storage and team sharing tools for companies who need to comply with Europe’s ever-stringent data protection regulation and must find a safe harbor for their data. Zettabox can be used by anyone, but it has been built for businesses, with dashboard controls essential for management of content within a corporation or team. And Zettabox has been developed with data protection built in to guarantee compliance with the new EU regulation. Zettabox deploys technology in secure ISO 27001 EU-based data centres and uses payment technology provided by a German-based ecommerce platform.
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