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Zinwave announces new partnership with Sichuan Shuguang (SOFN) Group in China

by david.nunes

Zinwave announces new partnership with Sichuan Shuguang (SOFN) Group in China

Zinwave and SOFN partnership deploy first trial system for Zinwave 3000 DAS for China Unicom.

Cambridge, UK, 17th June – Zinwave Ltd, a a global provider of reliable in-building wireless coverage solutions today announces that it has partnered with SOFN group, a leading Chinese high-tech company focusing on intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and communication services. SOFN Group has headquarters in Chengdu, China with branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

The partnership aims to bring Zinwave technology to the Chinese market, which is already seeing a huge demand for Distributed Antenna System (DAS) as the more recent mobile standards such as LTE start rolling out through the region.

Zinwave produces the Zinwave 3000 true wideband active DAS which uniquely provides in-building wireless coverage for any service and wireless technology between 150MHz-2700MHz, irrespective of protocol or modulation scheme. It offers a flexible, scalable solution, which adapts easily to future changes in services without the need for hardware upgrades.

SOFN is an approved supplier of Chengdu Unicom (China Unicom) and has already deployed the first pilot system of Zinwave 3000 in China at a prestigious hotel in Chengdu.

“Zinwave is very excited about partnering with SOFN Group and being able to introduce Zinwave 3000 to the Chinese market. Working alongside SOFN Group we will be able to keep up with the huge demand for in-building wireless solutions and give new customers the best possible multi-service solution,”

commented Colin Abrey, President of Zinwave, International.

“The need for development in indoor coverage is growing in China and SOFN group is proud to be able to co-operate with Zinwave to enable the deployment of new mobile technologies. By using the Zinwave 3000 DAS we now have a unique opportunity to introduce a technology to the market that can cope with the particular demands of TD-SCDMA. We look forward to building a strong partnership with Zinwave to take this unique DAS solution to the Chinese market,” said Prof. Dazhang Zeng, President of SOFN Group.

About Zinwave

Zinwave is a global technology company with offices in UK, USA and Asia that has pioneered a new approach for reliable multi-service in-building wireless coverage. Zinwave’s solution, the Zinwave 3000 wideband active DAS is the only True wideband active Distributed Antenna System (DAS) on the market, covering all frequencies between 150MHz and 2700MHz. Zinwave 3000 provides a highly cost effective multi-service, multi-carrier solution over a single hardware infrastructure that can be quickly and efficiently deployed and easily scaled for future service additions.

Zinwave has a highly experienced RF planning, program management and execution team with extensive experience in all parts of the wireless industry and international telecoms markets.

Sales activity is global with a strong presence across four continents and with relationships established with major well known partners and system integrators. Zinwave’s installation base includes customers in the Healthcare, Industrial, Public Venue, Enterprise & Corporate and Education vertical markets.


About SOFN

Sichuan SOFN Group, a high-tech company, mainly focuses on fields of the internet of things, including Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Communication Services (Communication Engineering and Telecommunications Value-added Services). It is headquartered in the National High-tech Enterprises District of Chengdu, China, SOFN Group has branch companies in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

“Integrity, Diligence and Innovation” is the core spirit of SOFN Group. With the mission of “providing high-quality service, creating and developing, benefiting the society”, SOFN is implementing standard, professional and goal-oriented management models. After over 10 years’ development, SOFN Group is becoming a modern enterprise group, which now has 5 subsidiary companies focusing on different industries.

SOFN has more than 300 employees and an annual turnover of around 1 billion Yuan (16 million US dollars). SOFN currently has first grade Electronic Engineering Qualification, first grade Intelligent Building Qualification and ASP Qualification.

More information:

Alex Perryman

Account Manager

EML Wildfire (PR)

Phone: +44 208 4088000

Email: zinwave@emlwildfire.com

Anna Hill

Marketing Manager


Phone: +44 1223 875272

Email: AHill@Zinwave.com


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