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Zinwave in-building wireless coverage solution supports all private mobile radio (PMR) standards including TETRA, c2000 and P25

by david.nunes

DAS technology from Zinwave ensures ubiquitous coverage for critical public safety services in major international airports

Zinwave in-building wireless coverage solution supports all private mobile radio (PMR) standards including TETRA, c2000 and P25

Zinwave Ltd, a global provider of wideband active distributed antenna system (DAS) technology for in-building wireless coverage, is supporting the deployment of critical public safety services (including TETRA) as well as maintenance and logistical services in a number of international airports situated in the EMEA region.

Most recent TETRA installations include Queen AliaInternational Airport, the primary commercial airport in Jordan, and King Fahd International Airport in Saudi Arabia, the largest airport in the world in geographical terms. In such deployments optimal coverage is required in all terminal buildings and hangars as well as underground tunnels and/or communications rooms for maintenance, public safety and security purposes.

Zinwave DAS technology is being chosen as the preferred solution by major airport management companies because of its ability to support all private mobile radio (PMR) standards (TETRA, c2000, P25 etc) and all frequency bands used for public safety communications. Zinwave technology also supports non-standard TETRA frequencies bands, namely the 350MHz – 360MHz bands being used for critical radio communication in Saudi Arabia.

Zinwave’s in-building wireless solution (System 3000) is the only system on the market globally that is able to support PMR as well as commercial cellular networks on a single hardware layer, making it an attractive business proposition because it removes the need for complex multi-layer infrastructures that can be expensive to deploy and maintain.

System 3000 is capable of supporting any combination of services and frequencies between 150MHz – 2700MHz on a single installation and can be easily expanded without the need for expensive upgrades or equipment overhauls. It can also support LTE and Wimax services at any of the frequency bands currently allocated on a global basis.

The system’s low component count, comprising solely a hub, a service module, an optical module and a remote unit, makes it straightforward and economical to deploy in large-scale installations such as airports. These unique features are helping to deliver the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership per installation.

Says Colin Abrey, President of International Sales, Zinwave; “Ubiquitous coverage for public safety services is crucial in large public buildings such as airports due to their high passenger volumes. Our DAS technology also supports commercial cellular frequencies on the same hardware layer so the multiple services needed in an airport infrastructure can be provided from a single installation, offering future-proof advantages and delivering rapid ROI.”

About Zinwave

Zinwave is a global technology company with offices in the UK, USA and Asia. Since its founding the company has pioneered a new approach for reliable multi-service in-building wireless coverage. Zinwave’s solution, the Zinwave 3000 active DAS, is the only true wideband active distributed antenna system (DAS) on the market, covering all frequencies between 150MHz and 2700MHz.

Zinwave 3000 provides a highly cost effective multi-service, multi-carrier solution over a single hardware infrastructure that can be quickly and efficiently deployed and easily scaled for future service additions.

Zinwave has a highly experienced RF planning, programme management and execution team with extensive experience in all areas of the wireless industry and international telecoms markets.

Sales activity is strong with a strong presence across four continents and with relationships established with many well-known partners and system integrators. Zinwave’s installation base includes customers in the healthcare, industrial, public venue, enterprise, corporate and education vertical markets.

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