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Zinwave wideband distributed antenna systems (DAS) enhances network coverage in sports stadiums and arenas

by david.nunes

Zinwave wideband distributed antenna systems (DAS) enhances network coverage in sports stadiums and arenas

Zinwave distributed antenna system (DAS) is becoming system of choice for high density buildings

With Smartphone ownership on the increase and wireless broadband services more prevalent, sports enthusiasts expect unlimited access to 4G services after purchasing tickets to watch their favourite teams play live in major league tournaments like the FIFA World Cup.

Large stadiums usually have seating capacities in excess of 60K and mobile operators are finding it increasingly difficult to provide uninterrupted access to data services during live events. Networks frequently jam up as spectators share their experiences in real time and these venues require a not only dedicated coverage but also dedicated capacity to address these issues.

Zinwave’s distributed antenna system (DAS) is being increasingly selected as the system of choice by stadium owners and neutral host providers. Its wideband capabilities are enabling these high density venues to overcome interference, soft handover and capacity management challenges and better manage peaks and troughs in network traffic.

Zinwave’s wideband DAS (known as Zinwave 3000) is the only system on the market that is truly future-proof, supporting any combination of servicesbetween 150MHz -2700MHz, regardless of protocol or modulation scheme. Additionally it is the only system that can support multiple FDD and TDD 4G LTE services simultaneously across any spectrum allocated globally.

Zinwave3000 eliminates the need for complex multi-layer infrastructures associated with conventional DAS installations and removes the need for “rip and replace” to accommodate new frequency allocations and/or migrations as they are rolled out. This speeds up the time to market and offers a higher ROI as well as the lowest total-cost-of-ownership per installation.

Zinwave 3000 also facilitates location based services being increasingly deployed in larger venues to improve business services for onsite concessionaires.

Says Colin Abrey, Chief Marketing Officer, Zinwave; “When sports fans are watching their favourite teams they want an effortless network experience. Our DAS provides multi-service-multi-operator support, enabling mobile network operators, neutral hosts and systems integrators to better manage traffic peaks and troughs and deliver premium wireless performance on game days.”

Zinwave has already completed a number of successful stadium projects, including the Pepsi Center, home to the Denver Nuggets, the Colorado Avalanche and the Colorado Mammoths, the Olympic Stadia in Kiev and Warsaw, both venues for Euro 2012, and special Premiership stadium project in the UK.

Zinwave is also actively pursuing a growing number opportunities in the US and Australasia following these recent successes.

About Zinwave

Zinwave is a global provider of active DAS technology for in-building wireless coverage, with offices in UK, USA, Asia and Australia “System 3000” is the only true wideband active Distributed Antenna System on the market, supporting multiple services across all frequencies between 150MHz and 2700MHz on a single hardware layer. It is straightforward to deploy and scalable to meet future requirements.

Zinwave’s RF planning, programme management and execution teams are highly skilled, with extensive experience in all areas of wireless communications and international telecoms. Sales activities are global and the company has established relationships with all major operators and system integrators.

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