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ZTE announcements at MWC Shanghai

by Administrator

At MWC Shanghai, ZTE has made the following annoucements:

  • the release of a new MaaP solution based on rich communication services (RCS) technology, with artificial intelligence capabilities enabling customers to develop chatbot and other innovative messaging services
  • the release of a new NFV product ZXR10 V6000 vRouter & vMSR
  • the release of ZXCTN 609, the latest solution in the company’s 5G Flexhaul series of high-performance transmission network products, to support operators in building networks ready for next-generation services

ZTE has also hosted the Innovating Network Transformation Summit at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2017 and explained at the Network Evolution Summit at MWC why 5G mobile networks have the potential of offering equivalent or even better signal coverage than 4G LTE networks, as new technologies such as SDMA and beam forming emerge.

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