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ZTE joins UPnP Forum Steering Committee

by david.nunes

ZTE joins UPnP Forum Steering Committee

Beaverton, Ore., USA – 29 April 2014: ZTE Corporation, leading global provider in telecommunications equipment and network solutions, is the latest member to join UPnP Forum’s Steering Committee. Responsible for making key decisions driving the success of UPnP technology, the Steering Committee plays a vital role in the governance of the Forum.

UPnP Forum has paved the way for seamless connectivity between billions of home networked devices, and for more than a dozen years, UPnP technology has offered unique capabilities for consumer electronics and computing devices. Members contribute to the work of the Forum by participating in Technical Working Committees, sharing their knowledge, experience and expertise to create common, agreed protocols, processes and best practice recommendations for use by the industry and for standards and other related industry bodies.

ZTE has joined UPnP Forum’s Steering Committee as it looks to strengthen its work towards standardization and interoperability, particularly within the new Man-to-Device Interaction (MDI) Task Force. Established leaders in technological innovation, ZTE will lead the MDI Task Force in introducing new models of interaction between users and UPnP devices, allowing them to control and interact with each other or services in the home network by simple gestures or voice instructions.

Changle Zou, Senior Standard Research Engineer at ZTE, and newly appointed Board Director says: “We are delighted to join the UPnP Forum Steering Committee and to lead the Man-to-Device Interaction Task Force as it provides us with the perfect opportunity to impart our knowledge, learn from other members and participate in driving technological innovation. The Forum holds a wealth of knowledge and expertise with its vast range of members so we look forward to working together. Our main focus will be to contribute towards setting standardization to enrich services and networks in the home environment.”

Alongside collaborating with other members to develop device interoperability, ZTE hopes to introduce a new type of user-to-device interaction to UPnP Forum through the work of the MDI Task Force. Effectively this will enrich content delivery, entertainment sharing and appliances usage.

Scott Lofgren, President of UPnP Forum, says: “We look forward to working closely with ZTE and welcome the company’s experience in interaction between users and devices. The MDI Task Force will open doors to further device interoperability and will have a positive impact on the rate that technologies enter the market.”

UPnP Forum welcomes interested companies to join the Steering Committee to help drive the leadership and business decisions to oversee the governance and operation of the Forum. If your company is interested in serving this important role, please visit http://upnp.org/membership/join_steering/ for more information.

To view UPnP Forum’s full membership, please visit: http://upnp.org/membership/list/. You can also view the Forum’s YouTube video, which highlights the key benefits of becoming a member. For further information about UPnP Forum, to find out how to become a member, or for general enquiries, please e-mail upnpadmin@forum.upnp.org. Alternatively, you can follow the Forum on Twitter @UPnP Forum or join the Forum’s Facebook community.

About UPnP Forum

UPnP Forum, established in 1999, is a global alliance of more than 1,000 industry-leading organizations working to enable device-to-device interoperability and facilitate easier and better home networking. The Forum promotes the adoption of uniform technical device interconnectivity standards and certifies devices conforming to these standards. UPnP Forum is an impartial group enabling member companies to participate and develop extensions to the UPnP Device Architecture, which defines how to use the Internet Protocol (IP) to communicate between devices, and Device Control Protocols (DCPs), which are services between devices. Members of UPnP Forum include market leaders in computing, printing and networking, consumer electronics, home appliances, automation, control and security, and mobile products.

About ZTE Corporation

ZTE Corporation is a globally-leading provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions. With operations in 160 countries, the company is a leader in technology innovation, delivering superior products and business solutions to clients all over the world. Founded in 1985, ZTE is listed on both the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges and is China’s largest listed telecoms equipment company.

The ZTE DHOME solution for family services provides an integrated information and audio/visual entertainment platform of highly personalized IPTV, mobile TV, mobile streaming and Internet cache, which offers outstanding interactive experience of vivid digital life to global users at anytime in anywhere. Up to now, the ZTE IPTV multi-screen solution has been successfully put into commercial use in 48 countries, which has 26 million system capacities and 18 million online users. It was evaluated as No.1 in Asia by MRG(2011), the international famous consulting department.

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