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ZTE unveils NB-IoT smart parking system

by david.nunes

ZTE unveils NB-IoT smart parking system

22 February 2017, Shenzhen, China – ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today unveiled its narrow band Internet-of-things (NB-IoT) smart parking system. The ZTE NB-IoT smart parking system includes an Internet-of-things data unit (IDU), an Internet-of-things operation platform (IOP) as well as a mobile app.

As a global leader in telecommunications and information technology, ZTE uses its self-developed chip in its NB-IoT smart parking system and makes its own innovative app designs. The ZTE NB-IoT smart parking system addresses the requirements of curb-side parking and open air parking lots, effectively solving the challenges of charging for curb-side parking and searching for parking spots, making parking in urban cities smarter.

The ZTE NB-IoT smart parking system has four main advantages, the first being the advanced technology it leverages. Based on NB-IoT, a cutting-edge IoT technology featuring low power consumption, wide coverage, low cost and high precision, the system increases access capability 50-fold and guarantees stable access as well as reliable data transmission. Its vehicle detector leverages state-of-the-art geomagnetic detection technology to detect changes in the magnetic field and judge whether a parking spot is occupied, the precision of which is higher than 99 percent. The second advantage is ease-of-use. The system supports parking spot reservation, parking guides and multiple means of payment, making parking more convenient. The user can use the mobile app to search for a parking spot in real-time, reserve vacant parking spots, and then be quickly guided to the vacant, but reserved, parking spot. After parking, the user can choose self-service app payment, on-board unit (OBU) payment, or manual payment to pay the parking charge. The third advantage is effortless operation and maintenance (O&M). The system is compact and easy-to-install, provides strong anti-interference capabilities and has a long service lifecycle. Leveraging wireless networking architecture, it supports remote maintenance and upgrades. The fourth advantage is highly-efficient management – backed by powerful data mining technology, it integrates massive parking data to implement unified parking planning and management.

At present, the ZTE NB-IoT smart parking system has been put into commercial trials in Shenzhen and Nanjing, China, and is scheduled to be used in more cities worldwide. According to user statistics, parking congestion rates have been reduced by 12 percent, time spent searching for parking spots reduced by 43 percent, and parking management revenue has been increased by 30 percent following deployment. These statistics indicate that the system delivers both economic and social benefits.

In 2016, ZTE formally joined the GSMA NB-IoT Forum and participated in the formulation of the 3GPP standard. At the Third World Internet Conference (WIC) held in October 2016 in Wuzhen, East China’s Zhejiang province, ZTE launched China’s first 3GPP-compliant NB-IoT cellular smart parking service and demonstrated its latest technological achievements. As a primary promoter of NB-IoT, ZTE will continue to work with its partners to verify NB-IoT technology and promote its commercial use.

About ZTE

ZTE is a provider of advanced telecommunications systems, mobile devices, and enterprise technology solutions to consumers, carriers, companies and public sector customers. As part of ZTE’s M-ICT strategy, the company is committed to provide customers with integrated end-to-end innovations to deliver excellence and value as the telecommunications and information technology sectors converge. Listed in the stock exchanges of Hong Kong and Shenzhen (H share stock code: 0763.HK / A share stock code: 000063.SZ), ZTE’s products and services are sold to over 500 operators in more than 160 countries. ZTE commits 10 per cent of its annual revenue to research and development and has leadership roles in international standard-setting organizations. ZTE is committed to corporate social responsibility and is a member of the UN Global Compact. For more information, please visit www.zte.com.cn.

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