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Zuhlke Group achieves record revenues as demand for innovation rises

by david.nunes

Group achieves record revenues as demand for innovation rises


Revenue grows by 30 percent in 2011 to 68 million Euros, with a headcount growth of 25 percent


London, 26 April 2012

In 2011, the Zühlke Group, which provides software and product engineering, management consulting and start-up financing, achieved record results. The company grew its revenues by 30 percent to 68 million Euros, and added 100 new specialist staff across the Group. The Zühlke Group now employs more than 500 people across seven European locations.


2011 was a successful year for the company’s newly founded subsidiaries – Zühlke Ventures and Zühlke Management Consultants. Zühlke Ventures ended its first year in business by concluding deals to finance two high-tech start-ups, while the Zühlke Management Consultants team grew by 30%.


Growing demand for innovation

The Zühlke Group remains dedicated to empowering innovative ideas and attributes its record growth to the demand for competitive advantage that it is successfully delivering to its customers. Zühlke supports both high-tech start-ups and established businesses by operating as a sector-independent partner for innovation and solutions. “Partnerships are an important instrument for performing fine-tuning along the road to innovation leadership,” explains Wolfgang Emmerich, CEO and Chairman of Zühlke Engineering Ltd. To be competitive at the global level, businesses need to increase their rate of innovation. “As well as product innovation, process innovation is playing an increasingly important role.” adds Emmerich.


Trends provide opportunities

Increasing mobile connectivity is creating new innovation possibilities. Zühlke supports its customers by creating custom mobile applications, and working to seamlessly integrate these apps into existing enterprise systems and business processes. Cloud computing is another area where the Zühlke Group is helping customers to realise huge opportunities to improve business processes – providing infrastructure, platforms and applications as a service to enable cost reductions, and the shortening of provisioning lead times.


About Zühlke

Zühlke is an independent service provider for product and software engineering, management consulting and start-up financing. Zühlke provides added value as a result of the experience gained through more than 7,000 successful international projects, as well as continued investment in business and technology knowledge and understanding. Founded in 1968, the Zühlke Group today has local teams in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. In 2011, Zühlke generated EUR 68 million in revenue, employing more than 500 staff.


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