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Zylpha Automates Property Registration For The Land Registry Business Gateway

by david.nunes

Zylpha Automates Property Registration For The Land Registry Business Gateway

Zylpha (www.zylpha.com), the UK’s leading legal systems innovator has launched a new module that automates the online property registration process for conveyancers using the Electronic Document Registration System (e-DRS) for the Land Registry Business Gateway. The e-DRS enables conveyancing practices to communicate securely with the Land Registry’s systems via the internet. By using the Business Gateway conveyancers can reduce the cost of registration fees payable to the Land Registry.

Zylpha’s automation of the registration process for Visualfiles & SolCase case management users enables them to reap the full benefits of e-DRS. The automated process greatly speeds up registration and reduces the cost on average by up to 50% per application. There is also a significant increase in the accuracy of automated applications made.

The system which is also expected to create a highly positive impression with clients, incorporates a full electronic audit trail to enable easier billing reconciliation and compliance monitoring. Using the system also significantly reduces physical storage costs of paper files and related documentation.

Tim Long, CEO of Zylpha, believes that the new automation module helps to protect conveyancing margins. In his view, “If conveyancing is to remain a profitable business, then fully automated electronic registration will inevitably become best practice for all users. We believe that Zylpha is the first company to totally automate the registration process for Visualfiles and Solcase case management users, so we are confident that demand will be extremely strong.”

Zylpha is planning number of webinars on how this module benefits users. These will demonstrate how the new solution could fundamentally change the way conveyancing practices work.

About Zylpha www.zylpha.com

Headquartered in Southampton Zylpha is an innovative specialist offering tools for the legal profession including:

·         Secure electronic document production and delivery.

·         Court Bundling.

·         Integration with the MOJ Portal.

·         Links to agencies for AML and Identity Verification.

The company, which was founded by Tim Long its CEO, has won widespread acclaim in both the legal and local government sectors for its systems which transform secure communications for court and case management bundles.

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