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DZS-KEYMILE adds Reverse Power Feed technology to expanding portfolio of G.fast solutions

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DZS-KEYMILE adds Reverse Power Feed technology to expanding portfolio of G.fast solutions

Three new DPUs bring gigabit speeds and flexible, rapid deployment options to MDUs over existing copper infrastructure 

Hanover, 21 July 2020DASAN Zhone Solutions, Inc. (NSDQ: DZSI or “DZS”), a leading enabler of the emerging hyper-connected, hyper-broadband world and parent company to DZS-KEYMILE, expands its gigabit-capable FTTB (Fibre-to-the-Building) portfolio with three new MileGate 205x units featuring Reverse Power Feed (RPF) technology. These three new Distribution Point Units (DPUs) with port densities from four to 16 ports feature the latest G.fast Profile 212a standards-based technology and are capable of delivering data transfer rates of almost 2 Gbps over existing in-building copper infrastructure. Now, armed with RPF, service providers can accelerate their time to market by circumventing many of the power access challenges that often left many MDUs underserved – bypassed by the gigabit services revolution.

“Despite our best efforts to make gigabit services available in all of our markets, many MDUs in these markets have been problematic due to the complexities of finding ways to power the G.fast equipment necessary to deliver gigabit services over copper infrastructure,” said Alexander Jauns, managing director of DZS-KEYMILE integration partner HCD Consulting. “Our customers have already been using the G.fast DPUs from DZS-KEYMILE for several years to implement high-speed offerings in MDUs, but the advent of Reverse Power Feed options will open many new options. DZS-KEYMILE is a reliable and innovative partner who always keeps a close eye on the needs of the ISPs, and now, with the expansion of its G.fast portfolio to match their needs across multiple deployment scenarios with traditional and Reverse Powering, they will gain considerable flexibility and be able to reach new opportunities.”

The MileGate 2051, MileGate 2052 and MileGate 2053 DPUs optimised for FTTB applications offer optimum scaling with their different port densities: While MileGate 2051 with four ports is suitable for small apartment buildings, MileGate 2053 with 16 ports has a high port density for use in large apartment buildings or commercial buildings. MileGate 2052 can supply up to eight subscribers with gigabit speeds over copper.

The DPUs support G.fast with the profiles 212a and 106a. With G.fast Profile 212a, sum data rates (downstream and upstream) of almost 2 Gbps can be achieved over short distances over the existing copper in-house cabling – transmission rates that are otherwise only possible over optical fibres. In addition, network operators can configure the ratio of downstream and upstream per port and subscriber in such a way that symmetrical transmission rates can also be provided, as required by cloud users and business customers, and increasingly by teleworkers in the home office. The new G.fast DPUs will also support VDSL2 fallback to facilitate service deployment within MDUs, allowing network operators to introduce new G.fast-enabled speeds in line with demand instead of forcing universal upgrades.

All three of the new MileGate DPUs have one uplink port, allowing connection to the fibre optic network via SFP+ plug-in modules with a 10 GbE or 1 GbE interface, or alternatively via GPON or XGS-PON. This allows variable adaptation to the respective network at any time. The new DPUs can be easily installed on the wall in the basement of an apartment building without additional housing or pre-assembled cabling. Additionally, they feature passive cooling, allowing them to be absolutely noiseless. The housing cover of each new DPU is also lockable, and each has alarm protection in case of unauthorized access attempt.

The new MileGate-205x series is also distinguished by two additional quality features. With Metallic Line Test (MELT), network operators can test the connection line from the control centre, determine external voltages, resistances and capacitances during operation and, in the event of a fault, identify the type of interference source. On-site use is no longer necessary. The RPF technology enables power to be supplied from the subscriber side, meaning installations at locations that do not provide a power supply are now possible. A combination of both options simultaneously – connection via 115/230V network and RPF – is also supported.

“With the three new MileGate-205x DPUs, we are expanding our existing G.fast-enabled FTTB portfolio with powerful RPF technology, which we believe will open a host of new opportunities for our customers and allow them to be more agile and responsive to demand,” says Kai Uebach, Managing Director of DZS-KEYMILE. “The advantage of installation in locations without power supply plays a significant role in the selection process for a suitable FTTB solution in multi-family homes. DPUs are often supplied with electricity from the MDU, which means that all tenants share the electricity costs equally, regardless of whether they use broadband or not. Alternatively, the network operator may have to connect separate meters to determine the exact power consumption of the subscribers using the DPUs. With RPF technology, the DPU can now be powered exclusively by the connected participants – without additional meters. Not only is this beneficial for all participants, but is removes a major political and physical impediment from rapid deployment of gigabit services.”

“Due to the integration of DZS-KEYMILE into the parent company DASAN Zhone Solutions (DZS), the G.fast DPUs appear in blue now.” (Source: DZS-KEYMILE)



DZS-KEYMILE is a subsidiary of DASAN Zhone Solutions, Inc. (DZS), a global provider of leading-edge broadband network access, 5G transport, enterprise communications platforms and that enable the emerging hyper-connected, hyper-broadband world. DZS-KEYMILE is based in Hanover, Germany and is the EMEA headquarters of DZS. A pioneer in disaggregated platforms, SDN, and virtualization, service providers and enterprises look to DZS for the innovation that leads to future-proof networks and outstanding performance. Over 1,200 service providers, operators, and enterprises in over 120 countries have leveraged DZS innovation, open solutions, and agility to arm them with the network resources and deployment freedom they need to lead in their markets and deliver an unrivaled communications experience. With a manufacturing base, engineering, service and support centers of excellence spread across the globe DZS is positioned to bring next-generation technologies and world-class solutions to service providers and enterprises who are poised to transform, compete and win.

For further information see: www.dzsi.com and www.keymile.com
DZS-KEYMILE on XING: http://www.xing.com/companies/keymilegmbh
DZS-KEYMILE on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/dzs-keymile

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