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Cybersecurity: Trends 2021
Colombia, 2nd December 2020
Information security not only refers to reactive strategies, but also has to do with good planning and administration of resources and the profiles of the people who have access to them. In this event we took a look at the world of computer security, current trends and how to protect your company's information. Our experts who, through panels and conferences, talked to us about the security challenges that the corporate world will face in 2021, the internal risks in companies, how to face remote work schemes and some specific actions in terms of planning. of strategies.
The event included BeyondTrust experts and a journalism team at Impacto TIC
Intelligent connected machines to be a major part of life by 2030, consumers predict
Consumers expect connected technology to become more flexible and interactive going forward and see devices enabling more proactive, and even creative choices in a wide range of everyday life situations by 2030.
Nokia and Polkomtel turn on 5G services in Poland
Nokia today announced that it has launched 5G services with Polkomtel, operator of the Plus network, in the capital city of Warsaw as well as other major cities in the eastern part of the country. The scope of the project includes the introduction of 5G on top of the existing...
ADVA and Advantech Open Remote Lab to Streamline uCPE Adoption
ADVA and Advantech today announced a joint test-drive portal initiative based on the ADVA Ensemble suite and Advantech edge appliances for remote evaluation of SD-WAN and security solutions on...
ETSI announces MEC 5G Integration Report and extension of ISG MEC
The ETSI Multi-access Edge Computing group has recently released the Group Report ETSI GR MEC 031 that describes the key issues, solution proposals and recommendations for MEC integration into...
Thales reinvents the way identity documents are checked with its double-sided ID card reader
Thales showcases the world’s only double-sided ID card reader, the first to be able to examine ID cards or driving licenses in the cloud1 in less than four seconds. The design of the intelligent reader allows to speed up the...
Knowledge Management Will Become Buzzworthy and Glamourous in 2021 With Adoption Approaches Merging Globally
What trends around knowledge management (KM) are in the cards for 2021? Alex Smith, Global Product Management Lead for iManage RAVN, looks ahead to the coming year...
Vonage and Yameo Announce Strategic Partnership, Offer Custom Video Solutions Throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East
Vonage, a global leader in cloud communications helping businesses accelerate their digital transformation, has announced a strategic partnership Yameo, a software company based in...
Nokia and AT&T to support enterprises with rapid IoT deployments
Nokia today announced that it has extended its agreement with AT&T to support global enterprise customers with IoT connectivity using its WING solution and IoT ecosystem. AT&T’s enterprise customers will be able...
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